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  • How would an agency bill their clients for call tracking?

    Marketing agencies who sell call tracking to their clients are often looking for a simple, automated way to bill for that usage. Engineer Matt Horstmann reveals the secrets behind "set it and forget it" usage reports and invoicing.

  • How important is call tracking in the world of digital marketing?

    We find that digital marketing agencies are particularly well-served by our platform. They're able to pick and choose from a robust feature set that supports their business model extremely well. Jason Smith, a senior member of our sales team, has spent the last few years helping digital marketers get the most out of CallTrackingMetrics.

  • How CallTrackingMetrics lowered our client’s acquisition costs by 600%

    Since there is no long term commitment, with the right setup, we're confident that any client would see the value of CallTrackingMetrics within two weeks. Not only will they most likely lower their acquisition costs, but they'll also be empowered with the ability to control their phone system via an easy web interface.

  • White Label Marketing Kit for Agencies

    Our call tracking experts created a marketing kit to help agencies educate and promote the service to clients.

  • How CTM Gave my Client 300% Better Visibility into their Digital Campaigns

    With CTM in place, we finally had 100% segmented accuracy for inbound calls from those channels. That’s a 300% increase in visibility.

  • Top 4 Ways Agencies Can Differentiate Themselves in 2017

    Marketing, PR, and ad agencies know how to differentiate—it’s what they do. Here are four ways that agencies can set themselves apart this year.

  • Product Enhancements – September 2016

    Our team has been busy this summer rolling out new features and integrations and working hard to enhance the tools we already offer.

  • Call Tracking for Agencies: Added Expense or Added Value?

    Every day CTM helps advertising and marketing agencies across the world track their phone calls in order to optimize their campaigns around which ads are performing and which are not.

  • Multi Account Level API Access

    Members of our Agency Plan have a the ability to access all of their sub accounts through Calltrackingmetrics API. In this walkthrough we will show you how to integrate with our api and query multiple accounts using curl.

  • 10 Reasons Why Sales Managers Love CTM

    The majority of our clients have come to us looking to find the source of their calls so they can make real time actionable decisions regarding their marketing campaigns.

  • Call Tracking For Franchises

    Given that we are exhibiting at The International Franchise Association’s Annual Convention this week in Las Vegas, I wanted to describe how franchises are using CallTrackingMetrics call tracking tools to manage advertising and performance across their organizations. Background:  CallTrackingMetrics works with franchises in all phases of growth from 2-3 franchisees to thousands. There are common threads in our conversations with

  • New Agency Call Tracking Dashboard

    Looking for a call tracking dashboard that shows both your agency-wide performance as well as client by client metrics?