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How to contact CallTrackingMetrics

Calltrackingmetrics Support Hours Monday – Thursday 7:30 am EST – 7:30 pm EST Friday 7:30 am EST – 5:30 pm EST    Contact us by Phone  1-800-577-1872 Live Chat with Support – click the message icon in the bottom right corner of any page within the application Access the Ticket Portal Request Information about our

How to join Calltrackingmetrics Help Center

Note: you must have a CTM account in order to sign up to the community   To setup a User go to your call Calltrackingmetrics account  Go into Manage Users Add User As a User in order to submit a trouble ticket: Sign into your CTM Account Next go to Help →  Create a ticket If

Call Log Flag

You may have noticed in your call log, under the Actions column, there is a “Flag” icon. When you click on the “Flag” icon you have a few items to choose from: Exclude this call, Block future calls like this one and Rate the audio quality for this call. When you click on Exclude you will get more options

Using Tags to Organize Activities

You have the ability to either manually enter tags in for each of your Activities for Calls, Chats, Messages, Forms, & Faxes to set up tags to automatically be applied to activities based on defined criteria. Tags are especially helpful for categorizing your activities if you’re interested in tracking a specific product or promotion. Manual

Blocking Callers

From time to time, you may receive calls on your tracking numbers from solicitors or spam callers that you want to block. This is possible, but beware that this feature doesn’t work for the Target/Receiving Numbers. All Blocked callers who call in will hear a busy signal or an error message when they try to call one

CallTrackingMetrics Faxing Service

Enabling a Fax Number In order to send or receive a fax you will need to enable a Fax number. In order to use faxing you need to have a fax number enabled Go to Numbers → Fax Numbers, select → Set up as Fax number Once enabled you will receive the follow confirmation Now

Chat Widgets

CallTrackingMetrics offers click to call forms (called FormReactor) that are easily embedded on your website that allow you to immediately connect to new form leads.

Exit Phone Tracking

The exit phone tracking feature allows you to see logs of different events or adverse agent behaviors.   The exit phone tracking enhancements is a helpful feature when the company’s policies are setup to not allow the agent to ignore phone calls when the softphone is ringing  → Some agents will click “exit” button in order

Quick Link Filters

The quick links filters allows you to set up some custom filters and replace the default filter of Calls and Texts When in desk mode you have access to default filters “Voice & Text” but now you have options to change the filter links By using the Teams setting you can manage the quick link

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