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Dynamic Call Scripts

Call Scripts can be used to provide agents with a script that will display in the browser phone for inbound or outbound calls. The scripts can use markdown to format the scripts so that they are easier to read.

Google Lead Form Extensions

Our integration with Google AdWords will track each call to your call-only ads and call extensions back to the exact keyword, adgroup, and campaign that led to the call.

Webhooks API Integration

Webhooks are used to allow web applications to communicate with one another. When an event occurs in CTM or if an event occurs in a customer’s application (bidirectional) the Webhook can trigger the event to send the data in near real-time to the other application. The data is typically exchanged between applications using JSON files. 

Salesforce Monitors

Salesforce Monitor Setup Salesforce monitors allow a monitor to run every hour to query for objects that have changed within the last hour. For each object that has changed, matches the given query criteria, and is associated with a call, text, or form a Trigger will be executed. To set up a Salesforce Monitor go

Bulk Text Messages

You can use your text-enabled tracking numbers to send bulk text messages through the CTM system. This is an easy way to quickly send a text message to a list of your customers.

How to Contact CallTrackingMetrics Support

Calltrackingmetrics Support Hours Monday – Thursday 7:30 am EST – 7:30 pm EST Friday 7:30 am EST – 5:30 pm EST    Contact us by Phone  1-800-577-1872 Live Chat with Support – click the message icon in the bottom right corner of any page within the application Access the Ticket Portal Request Information about our

How to join the CallTrackingMetrics Help Center & Community Forum

Note: you must have a CTM account in order to sign up to the community   To setup a User go to your call Calltrackingmetrics account  Go into Manage Users Add User As a User in order to submit a trouble ticket: Sign into your CTM Account Next go to Help →  Create a ticket If

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