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Creating and Applying Schedules

You can create schedules for each of your agents, a specific call queue, a voice menu. This will walk you through creating a schedule.

Releasing Tracking Numbers

If you no longer would like to own a tracking number you will simply release it, go to Numbers >Tracking numbers.

Tracking Numbers and Email Campaigns

You can set up tracking numbers to track your email campaigns in just a few simple steps so that each time a call comes in you know that it was a result of that email campaign.

Formatting A Number

To format a tracking number go to Numbers > Tracking Numbers, then click on the eye image next to the tracking number.

Where is My Affiliate Link?

The first step to getting your affiliate link is to register for our affiliate program. We review all affiliate signups and will approve your application quickly, provided all information has been given.

Click to Call Form (FormReactor)

CallTrackingMetrics offers click to call forms (called FormReactor) that are easily embedded on your website that allow you to immediately connect to new form leads.