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Agent Reminder Setup

Call queues work when you need to route to multiple agents, have those agents on different schedule, or want to automatically assign an agent to the call.

Linking to Google Ads Direct Connect

This integration is available for users on Growth and Connect plans, as well as the legacy Agency, Advanced, and Enterprise plans. Navigate to Settings → Integrations → Google Ads Direct Connect. Link your accounts and select your Google Ads Manager Account. CTM will automatically link your CallTrackingMetrics sub-accounts to Google Ads accounts based on account

Google Ads Direct Connect Troubleshooting Tools

Click-To-Call & Ad Extension Attribution To receive campaign attribution and send conversions, you must have Call Reporting enabled inside of Google Ads. For best results, enable it account wide in Google Ads by navigating to Settings → Call reporting → Turned on. This will allow Google Ads to place a forwarding number on top of CTM’s

How to Use Chat

In this article, we’ll explore the customer-facing Chat experience, as well as how to use chat internally as an Agent or Admin. Learn more about how to install chat here. How Chat Appears to Your Customers Once you’ve installed the Chat widget on your preferred page, users should see a chat box appear on the

Chat Overview and Set Up Instructions

In order to use chat, you will need to have a queue-based plan. Plans that support chat include our Connect and Growth plans.  A FormReactor will be filled out before initializing Chat. Chat Overview Chat widgets require queues so you can determine where you want chats to be routed, depending on your unique schedule and

Salesforce Trigger Concepts

The Components of a Trigger Triggers are a tool that lets you easily automate if/then business processes through workflows. Every workflow consists of rules and at least one action. You can configure immediate actions, set a timed delay, or offset delay based on a custom date field. Trigger: Identify When the Process Should Run The

Contact Lists

Contact lists allow you to create and maintain  a list of contacts within your CallTrackingMetrics account.  Lists can be used to quickly add recipients for bulk text messaging and can be automatically updated using triggers.  When intelligently routing calls with a smart router, you can use a lists to create unique routes for members of a

Integrating CallTrackingMetrics with Mailchimp

The CallTrackingMetrics integration with Mailchimp allows you to use trigger rules to add and remove contacts from your mailing lists in Mailchimp. When your Mailchimp and CTM accounts have been linked, you can also set up field mapping between your CTM call log and your Mailchimp lists. The Mailchimp integration is not available on all

Sending and Receiving Text Messages

If you have text-enabled numbers in your account, you can send and receive text messages (SMS and MMS) through your text log.  This article will cover sending or replying to single text messages (messages with a single recipient).  For more information about bulk text messaging, see the full article here. Text messages are broken into

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