Text Messaging

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  • A Quick Guide to SMS Campaigns

    If you’re like many marketers today, your bread and butter is email and social media. And while both are reliable channels that chart solid results when done right, you could be missing out. While cultivating your prospecting and conversions on those two channels, make sure you’re not overlooking another growing channel and a potential goldmine

    Oct 09, 2017 04:27pm EST
  • Text Triggers

    Setting up triggers is a good idea, if you want to know when you get a text to your tracking number but do not want to come into CTM every day to check. 

    Aug 07, 2017 03:08pm EST
  • 5 Tips for Texting: Getting the Most from Your SMS Marketing

    To help you make the most of mobile messaging, here are our top five tips for SMS marketing success.

    Oct 09, 2017 04:26pm EST
  • Bulk Text Messages

    You can use your text-enabled tracking numbers to send bulk text messages through the CTM system. This is an easy way to quickly send a text message to a list of your customers.

    Aug 02, 2017 04:48pm EST
  • Google AdWords Click-to-Message

    Google AdWords click-to-message ad extensions are out of beta, opening a new and exciting channel for advertisers to connect and engage with their prospects.

    Oct 09, 2017 04:11pm EST
  • Never Miss A Critical Billing Announcement Again!

    We’re pleased to announce that users may now opt-in to receive an SMS notification for critical billing issues within your CallTrackingMetrics account.

    Oct 09, 2017 04:12pm EST
  • Bulk Text Messaging is Here

    Bulk text messaging provides marketers with the ability to write one text message and push it to any size group of phone numbers.

    Aug 28, 2017 03:31pm EST
  • Receiving Text (SMS) Messages on Your Tracking Numbers

    You can set up your tracking numbers to receive and send text messages through the CTM software.

    Sep 22, 2017 10:00am EST
  • Send Text Automatically After A Call – New TCPA Rules

    We just recently released a new feature that allows you to not only automatically send follow up text messages after a caller calls one of your tracking numbers.

    Oct 09, 2017 04:21pm EST
  • Now Offering SMS Functionality on Tracking Numbers

    You can now activate any US/Canada tracking numbers to send and receive text messages.

    Oct 09, 2017 04:58pm EST