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  • A close look into Google’s new click to call ad campaigns

    Let's start off by discussing the differences between a call only campaign and a text campaign and how to use them in conjunction with your CallTrackingMetrics tracking program.

  • Understanding Tracking Sources

    CallTrackingMetrics prides itself on being able to track just about any source you can imagine, online and off, helping our clients maximize their ROI by providing them in depth and advanced metrics on the calls that are driving in sales.

  • Now Accepting Canadian Ports

    For those who aren't familiar yet with porting, it is the process of moving phone numbers from one phone carrier to another.

  • Local is the New Global

    Google is now telling us that the key to success is in hyper-local targeting and activity.

  • Introducing Website Target Numbers

    We wanted to let everyone know about an important change we made to the system over the weekend. You may recall how you used to have to enter “custom formats” to your receiving numbers if the phone number that appears on your website is different than your receiving number and you wanted the number to

  • December New Release

    We are excited to announce the release of a new set of features for Call Tracking Metrics users.