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Tracking Sources

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Assigning Salesforce Campaigns to Tracking Sources

Assigning Salesforce campaigns to your tracking sources in CallTrackingMetrics allows you to link activities associated with a tracking source to a specific campaign in your Salesforce account.  You will need to enable the Salesforce integration in your account before you can assign campaigns to your tracking sources. There are two methods of assigning campaigns to

Creating a Tracking Source

You can create a tracking source after you’ve purchased your tracking number(s) and then assign that new tracking source to specific tracking number(s).

Excluding Branded Organic Searches

In some cases, you may want to prevent your google or bing organic tracking numbers from showing on your website when a visitor is coming through a branded search query.

Tracking Source Positions

When you have multiple tracking sources, it’s important to keep the position of those sources in mind.

Tracking Numbers and Email Campaigns

You can set up tracking numbers to track your email campaigns in just a few simple steps so that each time a call comes in you know that it was a result of that email campaign.

First and Last Touch

You can adjust tracking sources to track either the first way that a visitor came to your website or the most recent way.