Programming Additional Data to an Activity for Google Analytics and CTM

How to program additional data points to an activity that will report in CTM and in Google Analytics. You can program data points to report in CTM and in Google Analytics for offline tracking sources and tracking numbers. These data points include: Source Medium Keyword  Content Campaign Id Campaign Device Other Desktops Mobile devices with

Guide to Porting Numbers

The porting process can take between 2-4 weeks. Do not cancel service with your current carrier until the port has completed and your calls are running through CallTrackingMetrics. You will be charged the monthly fee for these numbers as soon as the porting process starts. Once your number is ported to CallTrackingMetrics, you will pay standard

Events in Google Analytics

Events in Analytics In this article we’re going to be covering how CallTrackingMetrics Google Analytics integrations sends events into Google Analytics. CallTrackingMetrics sends events into Google Analytics for every inbound call, text, chat, and form. An event in Google Analytics can be broken up into 4 main characteristics: Category Action Label Value By default the

Setting up CTM’s integration with Google Analytics & Ads.

CTM Integration with Google Analytics & AdWords [1] Welcome to CallTrackingMetrics Training Video, in this workshop we’re going to be covering the setup of CallTrackingMetrics integration with Google Analytics & AdWords. [2] Before you Begin you must have: User Access to Google Analytics Admin access to CallTrackingMetrics You must be using the same email address

The Big Bing Conversion

We’re thrilled to announce that CTM can now send session and conversion data into Bing Ads and attribute Campaign and Ad Group information for Call Extensions.