What You Need to Know About Smart Routing

If you’re not using smart routing on CallTrackingMetrics, your business is missing out! Start driving efficiency for your team and improving your customer experience by directing inbound calls to the appropriate person from the start. You can route calls based on the caller’s online activity, their history with your company, their demographic information, or depending on custom fields you create in our software. The routing is highly customizable and also works well for contact center clients who have sophisticated team structures and rules they want to apply for their inbound calls.

Academy Fundamentals: New to CTM [Recorded Webinar]

This group-centric webinar will cover quick account setup basics, helpful tips and training resources, and optional add-on services to make the most of your account. This is a great way to get started and learn how our platform works or even introduce your new employees to the CallTrackingMetrics platform. Webinar Agenda: Introductions Buy Numbers/Port Numbers

Guide to Porting Numbers

The porting process can take between 2-4 weeks. Do not cancel service with your current carrier until the port has completed and your calls are running through CallTrackingMetrics. You will be charged the monthly fee for these numbers as soon as the porting process starts. Once your number is ported to CallTrackingMetrics, you will pay standard

Creating a Goal in Google Analytics

Creating Goals in Analytics [1] Welcome to CallTrackingMetrics Training Video, in this workshop we’re going to be covering the how to create a goal in Google Analytics. [3] When creating a goal, the goal type should be Event. [4] Here’s a recap of the components that make up an event in Google Analytics. Category Action