Join Our Team at Service World Expo

by CallTrackingMetrics

Our team is looking forward to attending this year’s Service World Expo conference, hosted at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino this October 16-18!

Our platform is a great way for home services professionals to unify their marketing attribution and contact center efforts within one platform. Join us at Booth # 313 to learn more about ways you can engage leads quickly, automate your conversations with customers, and discover which ad channels and campaigns are bringing in the highest quality leads.

In the meantime, take a look at our e-book for a quick read on why call tracking matters, and how it can work together with Google’s popular tools to provide a complete picture of the sales funnel. Or, explore how this nationwide franchise leverages texting automation to get in touch with leads quickly and improve the customer experience.

What to Expect at Service World Expo 2019

The 4th Annual Service World Expo is the #1 event for HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, and Remodeling contractors to get the best business insights, marketing strategies, moneymaking practices, and more. With advertising competition at its peak, generating and acting quickly on leads is the biggest challenge for many businesses.

Where to Find Us at Service World Expo 2019

Our team members Meghan Hodge and Patti Poole will be onsite to answer questions about CallTrackingMetrics, and share how our platform can power your business’s growth. Come find us at Booth # 313!

New customers, take note: We’ll be offering $99 in account credit if you book a demo with our team onsite at Service World Expo 2019.

Hope to see you there!