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Maximize ad spend

to make your marketing dollars do more.

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Global Organizations Rely on CallTrackingMetrics

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AI-Driven Insights Into What Motivates Your Customers to Buy

Why now, or why this ad? Analyze call recordings, transcriptions, and live conversations to uncover often overlooked insights about your customers’ preferences and behavior. Manually analyze, set up automated rules, or level up this data from your conversations with artificial intelligence features like AskAI to gain an edge over competitors, nurture leads more effectively, and guide your decisions with first-party data only you have access to.

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Stop Guessing, Start Making Confident, Data-backed Decisions

Don’t lose sleep trying to figure out which ads are driving the most qualified leads and highest-value conversions. Connect every call, chat, form-fill, and text to exactly which ad drove it using tracking numbers and dynamic number insertion.

Phone call workflow in CallTrackingMetrics

Leverage Workflow Automation to Speed Up the Sales Pipeline

From basic call forwarding to a full business phone system, our customizable tools reduce friction for your customers and increase conversion rates. With AI-powered conversation intelligence and omnichannel tools for both inbound and outbound teams, give your team of any size everything they need to sell like a fully-staffed contact center:

  • Lead and call routing with geo, weight, and skill-based smart routing
  • Pipeline engagements and insights across forms, texts, chat, and phone
  • A fully customizable softphone for a more efficient and informed sales team
  • Real-time insights for coaching, call scoring, and team performance
  • Triggers to automate the personalized notifications and follow-ups needed to close more deals

What They’re Saying About Us One set of quotation marks.

John Thornton, Black Propeller

“It’s amazing what data can do – not only are we able to hone our strategy and spend time working on the ads that really work, but we can also improve our engagements with clients by monitoring conversation quality and intelligently routing their calls. Once we integrate call tracking into our client’s marketing campaigns, they can generally expect to see conversions increase by 25 to 30 percent.”

Read the Case Study

Sean Garcia, Director of Business Development & Marketing, Discovery Institute

“CallTrackingMetrics has really allowed us to see things from both a 30,000 foot view, as well as a granular perspective, and take a look at each case as its own unique situation.”

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Jon Ostenson, CEO, 10Xfive

“One of our largest clients, that we support with about 170,000 outbound calls and over 70,000 inbound calls per year, has been able to attribute a conversion rate close to 85%—far above the industry average of 50% and below. — The team does this utilizing CallTrackingMetrics’ software. — “The team does this utilizing CallTrackingMetrics’ software.

Read the Case Study

Don’t Lose Clients Due to Incomplete Data

As an agency, your clients expect results. But without a complete picture of your marketing efforts, your conversions might be credited to other channels, or even missed completely. CallTrackingMetrics’ software gives you the insights you need to confidently deliver fully-informed marketing guidance to your clients. Plus, we make it easy for you. Agencies enjoy a flexible sub-account structure as well as white label and custom billing options to own their branding—and their bottom line.

Enhance Your Tech Stack, Your Way

Call tracking insights where you need them, in a way that works specifically for you.

Extensive no-code integration library

CallTrackingMetrics is a complement to the everyday tools and strategies of top digital marketers and sales teams. A full suite of native integrations, like Google Ads and Analytics, HubSpot, and Salesforce, add intelligence and optimization opportunities where you need them. We don’t put marketers, account reps, or developers in a box. We give them the space to be themselves.

A trusted partner for our customers, and yours.

Our platform is built to provide a worry-free experience. Our customers trust us to keep their data secure, and we earn that trust with network redundancy, encryption, and customizable access roles. We operate in a culture that values security, earning SOC 2 compliance. Have unique compliance needs for your users or industry? We’re ready with built-in solutions for HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, CCPA, and more.

Endless Customization Options

Beyond integrations, our developer-friendly tools and resources allow you to customize your solutions to your exact needs. Use our API documentation to build on top of our already robust platform or craft your own niche automation through Zapier or Make. Need something more bespoke? CTM supports lambda functions so you can code to your unique needs.And if you ever need help, we offer API office hours with senior engineers to troubleshoot and gameplan with you.

Software Reviews has recognized us as conversation intelligence champions for the third year in a row.

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