Omnichannel Marketing Tools to Align Teams Around Every Customer Interaction

Go beyond traditional phone call tracking to close the gaps in your data and attribute every form, text, chat, and call on one platform.

Drive Engagement Across the Buyer’s Journey

Communications Tools to Better Leverage Every Touchpoint with Your Audience

Whether your audience prefers the minimal interaction of form submissions or in-depth conversations over the phone, get the attribution data you need without switching between platforms. Let your prospects and customers be in charge of their own journey while providing your team with data and tools to engage in smarter, more efficient ways.

Our omnichannel marketing tools allow you to:

  • Attribute all offline and online conversions, regardless of how the lead is captured
  • Support every communications channel to never miss an opportunity
  • Engage and respond to leads from a central tool
  • Layer multiple, measurable touchpoints into your sales and marketing strategies
  • Provide secure and compliant communications, with HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI features


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Get the Full Picture

Our Omnichannel Marketing Tools Help You Close the Loop in Data Gaps 

Track and attribute all online and offline conversations–every form, call, text, and chat–down to their source and keyword level. Get all of the data you need, all in one place for improved efficiency and increased productivity. 

Our marketing tools help you:

  • Provide exceptional customer experiences and increase conversions
  • Prove ROI and consistently drive revenue
  • Save time and stop wasting money on unproductive ads
  • Stay compliant and protect your customers’ privacy 

Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying One set of quotation marks.

Felipe S., SEO Strategist

“[CTM is] the best platform to track calls and texts coming from all your marketing efforts. Superb customer support and a vast variety of integrations.”

Go Further with FormReactor

Collect actionable data while you collect leads
Capture leads or easily sync your site’s form fills to our real-time activity log for personalized follow up.  You’ll get accurate source attribution for your form leads and add a layer of quality with lead scoring, and automating follow-up actions. Get the full picture of all of your marketing efforts and instantly engage leads from forms before your competition knows they’ve hit submit. 

FormReactor enables you to: 

  • Improve user experiences with powerful, easy-to-use forms embedded onto your website.
  • Sync data from your existing forms directly to CallTrackingMetrics through simple webhooks and native integrations.
  • Align sales and marketing teams and streamline your pipeline, lead qualification, and follow up. 
  • Elevate your customer’s experience with instantly generated phone calls or personalized text message follow-ups.

Reach More Customers with Text

Connect with customers when they’re ready to buy
SMS text messaging is an easy way to connect instantly with your customers on their terms. CallTrackingMetrics is one of the only conversation analytics software services that provide attribution for all inbound text communication while also providing features for effective outbound messaging campaigns.

CTM text messaging features to: 

  • Connect with a broader audience, faster, with personalized and measurable bulk text campaigns.
  • Provide your target audience with more options to convert with text-enabled phone numbers on your site and advertising.
  • Deliver a memorable CTA with five or six-digit short codes for scalable campaigns.
  • Close leads faster with automated text responses to form fills, or automated nurture campaigns and follow-ups.

Connect Instantly with Live Chat

Improve customer experiences with decreased wait times and personalized service 
Live Chat lets your team meet your customers where they are and when it’s most convenient for them. Customer questions are answered in real-time, and marketers can review data from chats alongside calls, forms, and texts–providing a full picture of the interactions necessary to close more sales. 

Our live chat lets you:

  • Provide personalized support and nurturing in real-time.
  • Consolidate conversations from texts, social messenger apps, and on-site chats into one, convenient stream
  • Customize and automate advanced routing rules so prospects and customers go to the person best qualified to help them. 
  • Build trust with your audience through safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant messaging. 
  • Unlock a global audience through real-time chat translations so language is never a barrier.

Turn our Omnichannel Tools into Your Revenue Drivers

Building on top of CTM’s text messaging software, ContactCloud has developed a revenue-producing product line that’s helped its clients revolutionize their marketing campaigns, customer engagement, and communication strategies.

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Our Omnichannel Features Will Blow You Away When You See Them in Action