Conversation Analytics Software for the Full Customer Journey

Marketing analytics and call management features designed to drive stronger connections for your business and your customers

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Modern call tracking features to make any team feel like a high-powered contact center

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Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

Deliver dynamic insights with every call and communication. DNI automatically connects offline activities, like phone calls, to the site pages and advertising sources that generated them. This core call tracking feature delivers accurate attribution for your marketing efforts and provides context to enhance customer conversations.

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Call Recording and Transcriptions

Unlock the stories hidden in your customer communications with call recordings and transcriptions. Quickly review a specific call or segments of calls and encourage team productivity with real-time coaching opportunities. Layer on Keyword Spotting to automate insights and organize leads in real-time for more effective follow-up.

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Text Messaging

Connect with customers wherever conversations are happening. Gain text leads straight from your site, with full attribution, and close them faster with automated message responses. And, reach broader audiences, quickly, with bulk text campaigns. A perfect solution for brands that want to stay top of mind with their customers.

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Web-based Softphone

Make and receive calls from anywhere, with our flexible web-based phone. Provide a seamless customer experience without the expense of a traditional phone system. Custom call scripts, live agent dashboards, and our Salesforce integration are just a few of the reasons why our softphone is essential for managing customer-facing teams.

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Intelligent Routing Options

Give your prospects and customers the best experience with real-time routing options. Have more personalized conversations with advanced rules-based flows, based on factors like site visits, demographics, or caller history. Automate high-value conversations with a flexible set of tools for routing to multi-locations or teams with complex queues and structures.

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Surface Insights with AI

Automatically identify high-value conversations and trigger actions for instant follow-up. A must-have tool to prioritize sales-ready leads based on custom artificial intelligence (AI) prompts to determine key signals like buyer readiness and sentiment. Also a time-saver for customer facing teams to quickly scan conversation history and generate digestible summaries and insights.

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Form Tracking

Instantly track and engage with leads generated by form submissions and elevate your customer’s experience with auto-generated phone calls or text message follow-ups. A marketers secret weapon for capturing, qualifying, and converting leads faster than the competition.

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Automated triggers

Automate and personalize your customer’s experience using triggers, from defining conversions for Google Ads to instantly tagging a conversation as a sales opportunity—the possibilities are endless. Easily create if/then conditions to streamline marketing and sales strategies, and save them for global use across all of your subaccounts.

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Clear Campaign Attribution

Know where your most valuable leads come from. Accurately connect your leads to your marketing efforts.

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Actionable Intelligence

Analyze your customers’ words to find new opportunities to drive new leads, and close more deals.

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Engaged sales team

Insights combined with advanced call management tools to power inbound and outbound sales performance.

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Reliable attribution for every conversion

Giving you confidence to make data-backed advertising choices.

Call tracking is the core of what we do, which shouldn’t come as a shock with a name like CallTrackingMetrics. With just one line of (easy to implement) code we uncover analytics for all the conversations and leads that matter to you. Capture the true volume of the leads you’re driving and start reporting on the quality of conversations passed to sales.

First-party conversation intelligence

Analyze your conversations to discover insights only you have access to

Improve campaign and team performance with battle tested conversation intelligence tools like call recordings and transcriptions, or take things to the next level with cutting edge AI sentiment analysis, call summaries, and fully-customizable AI prompts. The voice of your customer is a gold mine to remove friction from the buyer journey and close more, higher value, deals.

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Proactive lead management features

Know where your leads come from, and send them where they need to go.

Attribution from call tracking is powerful, but it works best when paired with a platform that can turn that intelligence into action. Decrease the time it takes from lead to close, and center your communications around a more human experience. Avoid wait times, transfers, and lost sales with a full suite of call management tools built to scale from small sales teams to enterprise contact centers.

Call Tracking for Agencies, Affiliates, and Partners

Our Marketing Pro plan is designed specifically with tools we’ve built for, and with, digital marketing agencies. We offer white label options, included sub-accounts, and all the developer tools to make our call tracking solution your own. Plus, when you join the Partner Program, you’ll be rewarded for referrals, get access to co-marketing opportunities, and early access to new features.

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Agency-first focus to easily manage multiple accounts

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API access and developer tools for full customization

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Built-in reports to make revenue-impacting decisions easy

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White-label options to turn CTM into your revenue driver

Communicate Where Your Customers Are

Modern call tracking software can’t just be about calls. Manage your lead and customer communications across every platform, from texts to chats and social media messages. Consolidate your conversations and bring all your data into one place for analysis and lead nurturing. Track form submissions alongside your sales calls and outbound SMS campaigns.

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Leverage Our Insights Across Your Tech Stack

CallTrackingMetrics is built to make an impact and to optimize your strategy, not disrupt it. That’s why there are over 40 no-code integrations available with top marketing, analytics, and business solutions. On the rare occasion that we’re missing something you need, our culture is to build it for you, or with you.

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A 360 view of your conversations, leads, and sales

Access an array of reports designed to help you optimize your marketing efforts and sales team performance. Every report can be filtered, exported, and scheduled so you get the information you need when you need it.

It’s One Thing to Read about Our Features, but You’ll be Blown Away When You See Them in Action