Reporting and Analytics to Drive Better Marketing Decisions

Spend less time building charts and more time making data work for you

Call Reporting and Analytics to Move the Needle

Granular data and high-impact insights with call tracking reports

Whether you’re a contact center manager watching key performance indicators on live monitors, or a strategist drilling down and filtering for precise Google Ads analysis, our reports are built for your unique point of view.

Reporting to analyze:

  • Volume of inbound leads by source
  • Return on investment (ROI) of your ads
  • Sentiment of your conversations
  • Efficiencies in your sales pipeline
  • Opportunities for growth
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Discover Opportunities

Bring automated insights to the surface with at-a-glance reports or drill down, filter, and analyze on your terms

Monitor in Real-Time

Watch live feeds of the calls, texts, and other conversations generated by your campaigns as they come in.

Establish Your Source of Truth

Bring marketing and sales teams together with all your lead data, and follow up, in one platform.

Filterable campaign reporting 

A new perspective on your advertising campaigns

Combining our reliable dynamic number insertion with detailed activity reports opens up campaign data down to the keyword level. See which advertising sources are driving the most call conversions, the highest lead quality, or even the highest return on investment. Know which campaigns are driving your most valuable conversations and feed that back into your advertising strategy.

real time agent reporting

Real-time performance dashboards

Monitor your customer touchpoints as they happen

Use live dashboards to keep track of call, text, and chat activity throughout the day to manage and optimize sales team productivity and resourcing. See what your team is engaged in, at a glance, and make informed decisions quickly to support your team and customers.

Stay in the know about:

  • Whether your sales team is on the phone or at lunch
  • The volume of conversations happening at any given time
  • The inbound and outbound workload of individual team members
  • How long it’s taking to solve your customer’s problems

Watch your leads and customer touchpoints happen live

All of your calls, texts, chats, and online form submissions appear in a real-time stream, where you can monitor which campaigns drive inbound contacts alongside demographics, web activity, and other user data. Hop on a call from the log, listen live, or search past conversations for insights.

Proof of performance for one client, or 100.

Gain a bird’s-eye view into how all of your clients’ campaigns are performing and leverage our robust call management tools to take action on hot leads. Dive deep into client performance data with our sophisticated agency reporting tools so you can build new marketing strategies and show up over-prepared for customer conversations.

Avoid waste and advertise with confidence

Our tools are designed to help your team fuel revenue growth as accurately and efficiently as possible. With features like our accuracy report, you can have confidence that your data is accurate and you’re not overspending on phone numbers you don’t need.

Build Amazing Dashboards with Looker Studio

Start building beautiful, simple-to-translate reporting that combines data across platforms.

Marketing Reporting guide for looker studio and calltrackingmetrics

More ways to visualize your call tracking data

Make your data work for you and build custom reports based on your unique analysis needs. Apply customizable filters to generate reports, trigger notifications, or send data directly to Looker Studio. Monitor whatever metrics mean the most for your team and personalize your reporting even further with an open API, hands-on developer support, and integrations with the tools you use every day.

Enhance your CRMs with caller data and new lead creation

Add valuable conversion data to your analytics platforms

Combine your data sources into dashboards with Looker Studio

Send your data anywhere with our API and developer resources

Take charge of your data and surface the hidden trends behind the numbers with our reporting and analytics tools.