Our Core Values

More than just words on a wall.

Our values define what we believe in and how we treat each other, our customers, and our partners. We worked together to create these values to not only represent who we are and what kind of company we want to be, but to provide a moral direction that guides our decision making and establish a standard for assessing our actions.

We are community driven

We are part of a strong community of colleagues, customers, partners, and their customers.

We are altruistic and are making the world a better place for the community.

We eagerly jump in and do what’s best for the community.

We value transparency and practice direct and supportive communication.

We are generous with our time and knowledge.

We celebrate the successes of the community.

We are customer centric

We partner with customers and work hard to solve problems with them.

We represent customers and advocate for what they need to be successful.

We learn from the customer and are better because of them.

We are a customer. We use, challenge and push forward our own software.

We are champions of innovation

We are a continuous improvement and an early adopter.

We take smart risks and we learn from failures.

We do not (and will never) know everything--We learn rapidly and eagerly.

We challenge assumptions.

We are nimble and thrive on change.

We work with purpose

We are inspired by our work and its impact on our community.

We demonstrate consistently strong performance - the community can rely on each of us.

We inspire greatness from others.

We focus on results over perfection.

We see the bigger picture.

Giving Back

Find like-minded peers who enjoy investing in their community

At CTM, we're always thinking of new ways to lend a hand or donate to those less fortunate. That's why we work as a team to select and sponsor organizations throughout the year and offer 16 hours of VTO (Volunteer Time Off) for you to spend time giving back to your community. We also match donations for causes and charities you care about the most.

One Team, Many Cultures

We’re committed to building a diverse team, in all its shapes and forms

How we accomplish this:

  • Establishing diversity goals and regularly reporting on how we’re doing against them in order to hold ourselves accountable, driven by a fully anonymous inclusion-focused survey given to the team.
  • Promoting education in the workplace through formal diversity awareness training, which is part of our new hire onboarding process as well.
  • Incorporating procedures that eliminate the potential for unintended biases during the hiring process and leveraging a variety of sourcing methods to ensure we’re proactively reaching out to a broad range of candidates.
  • Building partnerships with local schools and career development programs to offer internships and mentoring programs for underrepresented students to gain exposure to fields including engineering, technology, and professional development.

Chart Your Own Path Forward

Build relationships and grow in your career with our mentor program

Our structured mentorship program was developed to empower our team members and help create our future leaders. Each year, interested employees are paired with a mentor to develop a personalized journey that addresses desired areas of development. Mentoring relationships are a shared opportunity for both the mentor and mentee to learn and grow.

Mentorship Program Testimonials

In Good Company

Get to know your coworkers and have some fun

Our relationships with each other are part of what makes our company unique. We enjoy closing our laptops for a bit to enjoy happy hour, bowling night, book club, or potlucks together to celebrate holidays ranging from Thanksgiving to Pi Day (or as we like to call it, Pie Day). Check out our Facebook and Instagram to see more highlights from our team gatherings!

Industry Awards and Accolades

Let’s get to know you better

Enough about us… now let’s hear about you and where you’d like to grow in your career next.

Don’t see a position that you are interested in right now? Check back often as our fast-paced growth is allowing us to consistently expand our team!