Product Accessibility

At CallTrackingMetrics, it’s important to make our products accessible and easy for everyone to use, including people who rely on assistive technology.
As our products continue to evolve, accessibility is a priority. As a communication provider, we are required to comply with the Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA).

We acknowledge that accessibility is an ongoing effort, and sometimes issues can slip through our release process. If you come across a problem with one of our products, please provide feedback via one of the channels at the bottom of this page.

What we’re doing 

To deliver accessible products, we prioritize the following during our release process:

  • Following the requirements and documentation created by our Product team.
  • Tracking new feature progress to drive quality improvements.
  • Listening to feedback from customers.

Please refer to our knowledge base to review our current Accessibility features.

Accessibility Recommendations for users

CallTrackingMetrics products include these accessibility features:

Navigation, page titles, and headingsCallTrackingMetrics products use consistent navigation methods. Page titles, headings, and labels describe the topic or purpose. Content is presented in the correct reading sequence.
Style sheet flexibilityTo help improve visibility, many users prefer to configure their own style sheets. CallTrackingMetrics marketing website does not specifically block user style sheets or use inline style sheets (with the exception of some reporting features).
Image tagging, text alternativesMany images are textually tagged or otherwise available to assistive technology.
Image mapsCallTrackingMetrics does not use server-side or client-side image maps that can obscure or hide application controls from screen readers.
Background imagesCallTrackingMetrics uses background images presented via cascading style sheets (CSS). In many cases, these background images are used for cosmetic purposes and do not restrict control.
LinksCallTrackingMetrics products contain links which indicate their purpose, in context.
Communications channelsCallTrackingMetrics supports multiple communications channels, including email, phone, and chat, that give users communication options.
Speech and hearing alternativesOther than our softphone and recording playbacks (optional services), CallTrackingMetrics products do not contain any features that require user speech or hearing.
Color recognitionTo help users with color recognition issues, color coding is not the only means of conveying information to indicate an action, prompt a response, or distinguish a visual element. Other design elements are included.
Flashing and blinkingNo features of CallTrackingMetrics use flashing or blinking greater than 2 Hz or lower than 55Hz.
TablesTo aid screen reader technology, row and column headings are identified in most tables.
Application plug-insNo additional plug-ins are necessary to view or interact with content on CallTrackingMetrics products.
FormsCallTrackingMetrics pays careful attention to standards when marking up forms. In a few cases, labels may not have relevant “for” properties to associate them with their relevant input.
Time limitsUsers can take as long as they need to complete tasks. There are no time-limited features or items of functionality in CallTrackingMetrics products.

How to get in touch 

If you have questions about any aspect of CallTrackingMetrics Product Accessibility, we offer the following channels for you to get in touch: