A Podcast to Inspire Your Business's Path Forward

The Smart Route podcast is all about capturing that essence of innovation and charting the unique journeys that business owners take. With a focus on customer storytelling and connecting with industry thought leaders to discuss innovative ideas at the intersection of marketing, customer experience, and sales, our hope is the Smart Route podcast will inspire the listener’s business’s journey forward.

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No More Traditional PR! How to Build Your Brand in the Digital Age

Build a successful brand in the digital age with expert insights from BLASTmedia President Lindsey Groepper.

More Leads, Better Data: AI For Lead Generation (Part 2)

Use AI in your lead generation strategy to attract quality leads, create magnetic content, and streamline your lead gen processes.

More Leads, Better Data: AI For Lead Generation

Do you want more leads? Better data? A shortcut to great content? Find out why embracing AI technology in your lead generation strategy will benefit your business for years to come.

Why Diverse C-Suites Make (A Lot) More Money

Did you know diverse leadership makes companies up to 30% more profitable? Learn why it pays to hire and promote diversely with Dr. V Boykin.

How 30 Minutes on LinkedIn Can Boost Your Brand & Business

Did you know that just 30 minutes on LinkedIn could transform your brand and business? Discover tried-and-true strategies for attracting new clients, growing your brand, and uncovering opportunities on the world’s largest professional networking platform from LinkedIn expert and brand coach Liam Darmody.

Meet The Host

Courtney Tyson 

Strategic Partnership Manager, CallTrackingMetrics

Courtney Tyson has spent her career in the media and SaaS worlds, collaborating with marketers and communicators at top corporations and brands. Her passion is partnering with our clients to best understand their business objectives and personal wins in order to help drive success.