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The Smart Route podcast is all about capturing that essence of innovation and charting the unique journeys that business owners take. With a focus on customer storytelling and connecting with industry thought leaders to discuss innovative ideas at the intersection of marketing, customer experience, and sales, our hope is the Smart Route podcast will inspire the listener’s business’s journey forward.


Top 5 Trends Marketing Leaders Need to Know In 2023

As 2022 comes to a close we look ahead to 2023 and which digital marketing trends to look out for in the new year. Our Smart Route host, Courtney Tyson talks to the vice president of technology of White Shark Media, and CallTrackingMetrics’ partner, Daniel Alvarado, about the hottest marketing trends of 2023; which ones to jump on, and which trends were popular in 2022 that will continue to grow.

Is Click Fraud Skewing Your Ads Data?

Ad fraud may not be top of mind, but if you’re ignoring fraudulent clicks on your website and campaigns you could be in for trouble. In this episode we sat down with Lucas Rabinowitz, Sr. Director of Growth Sales, from Cheq and ClickCease to find out more about this growing and dangerous trend and how you can protect your organization (and budget).

Stop Confusing Customers! Use the StoryBrand Framework

Today’s audience is more distracted than ever. That means getting your marketing message across clearly and quickly is critical. In this episode of Smart Route, Certified StoryBrand Guide Cassie Egli explains why ‘if you confuse you lose’ and how to use the StoryBrand framework to clarify your message and increase revenue.

Your Top Influencer Marketing Questions Answered

Today, influencer marketing can work for any industry–including B2Bs–when planned and executed correctly. Hear from expert influencer marketer Cait Weingartner as she uncovers strategies for influencer marketing campaigns and shares her experience leading creative strategy for 200+ influencer-centric campaigns for clients like Meta, QuickBooks, Target, L’Oreal and Converse.

TikTok Marketing 101 for B2B

Join our conversation with TikTok influencer Austin Armstrong to learn his top three content strategies B2B companies can use to grow on TikTok. Listen in as he guides you through the marketing metrics–and budget!– that matter on today’s fastest-growing media platform.

Meet The Host

Courtney Tyson 

Strategic Partnership Manager, CallTrackingMetrics

Courtney Tyson has spent her career in the media and SaaS worlds, collaborating with marketers and communicators at top corporations and brands. Her passion is partnering with our clients to best understand their business objectives and personal wins in order to help drive success.