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More Leads, Better Data: AI For Lead Generation (Part 2)

by CallTrackingMetrics

Use AI in your lead generation strategy.

Done right, you’ll attract high quality leads, improve UX, churn out quality content, and streamline your work processes.

Listen Time: 32 Minutes

Every year, company growth is the goal. But how do marketers help achieve that growth – and what can marketers do to make that growth sustainable

Devon Moore, Director of Content and SEO at BAM Advertising, has years of experience across the advertising and lead generation industry. He’s seen what works – and the mistakes that can make a company’s trajectory flatline.

In this episode of Smart Route, Devon builds on our conversation from part one to delve into some of the biggest challenges companies make that cost them leads, and both the simple (and more complex) fixes that you should start implement to stop the lead-bleed and get back to growing.

Optimizing the User Experience (UX)

Up to 78% of folks are using their phone to read emails. From website design to email formatting, companies need to invest in a UX that customers like from every touchpoint (and screen size).

Measuring Lead Quality

Quality over quantity, even in SEO. By using the right tools (some of which are low-cost) to accurately measure lead quality, you don’t have to settle for calling and following up with bad fits. You can reliably prioritize right-fit leads.

Creating Magnetic Content

Use AI to write a mediocre blog, or spend two months creating a compelling guidebook (maybe with a little AI assist?). Spend your dollars making things that leads want, whether it’s ebooks, reports, or webinars, that offer actionable value, tangible benefits, and real research. 

Using Data Analytics and Automation

It’s just a reality – you have to work fast now. Streamlining your processes is an expectation, not a nice-to-have. Using data analytics and automation is the way to go for modern SEO professionals, marketers, and lead acquisition specialists to optimize their time and drive better results.

Devon also spends some time covering other important strategies, like generating reviews and how to consistently produce engaging content for even more leads. 

Remember, while some challenges may take time to address, investing in your lead generation strategy will get you that ROI you crave.

Take control of your lead generation journey. Listen & watch now!

About Devon Moore

Devon Moore is the Director of Content & SEO at BAM Advertising & Marketing. He specializes in organic growth strategy for B2B and B2C. His expertise includes content marketing, editorial, and publishing, as well as brand, lead generation and analytics for local and national brands. He has had the privilege of working with esteemed clients large and small such as Adobe, Allegheny Millwork, Arthritis Foundation, Culligan Water, Kennametal, Parkinson’s Foundation, WESCO Distribution, and numerous exceptional SMBs in home & construction, HVAC, plumbing, real estate, SaaS and technology.

He has helped to craft numerous award-winning marketing campaigns, including winners of PRSA Renaissance, Hermes Creative, Vega Digital, and MarCom Awards. He has a B.A. in Journalism from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. This experience has helped him understand the value of research and communications through the eyes and ears of the subject. On a personal level, he is a proud husband and father, avid history podcast listener, a music enthusiast, a Pittsburgh sports lover, and a novice yogi practitioner.

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Episode Transcript

Devon Moore: Ah, continue to look into, you know, better ways we can go about doing it.

Brandon Jordan: That’s awesome, man. The AI, like I said, every podcast episode, it comes up and it’s always interesting to hear some of the different thoughts. And I know for you, it’s, you know, being able to synthesize that data is important, right? It helps you create more content, but the important thing is to watch the quality, you know, use the prompts, use it to help your business. Don’t just try to pump out a bunch of data. Have a strategy around it. So good thoughts there. Appreciate it.

CTM Peter: Yeah, that prompter persona is so important. Just fiddling with it a little bit myself, just changing it the slightest bit can give you a completely different output. It’s amazing. And it’s amazing, you know, we’re really at the…

Devon Moore: Um, and…

Brandon Jordan: Hold, hold different answer. 

Devon Moore: Absolutely.

CTM Peter: You know the beginning of this whole thing and how much it’s evolved in the short period of time and where we’re going with it. That’s just mind-blowing to me. It’s hard to wrap my head around sometimes because we’re just beginning.

Brandon Jordan: Yeah, absolutely.

Devon Moore: Yeah, I think I vision a world where marketers like myself who really work at more customer-facing. You know, here’s no, maybe it’s not customer-facing but hey, I’m doing the planning, I’m working on the creation, execution of distribution, merchandising measurement of certain types of content and trying to make sure like again. We’re running a little publishing company. That’s the output of it is what the consumer is going to be looking at but I envision a world where like data scientists. And you know people on that and developers those who understand how to run you know python and programming like that and there’s already a lot of SEO guys that are that know python for you know keyword research purposes especially if they’re working in enterprise applications where they need to run. Copious amounts of you know Keyword data but I envision a world where you know maybe someone like myself works more with data scientists and you know they they do. They do the work and and but the output of that that data is so it’s so important it’s it’s so valuable. And there’s just ah, all these different all these different ways that you could take that output and turn it into like incredible content or extremely insightful content internally and externally so that’s I always you know people talk about doing like the stuff I talked about the beginning which is writing with ChatGPT or creating you know Frameworks and outlines to be efficient and I think that’s important but I always like I find myself thinking about how it works with data more because that’s just the that’s what you want more than anything to create like unique.

Good valuable content and not just spit out like the same thing that you know if you Google search the subject you’re doing. You know we’ve all done it. You had wrote something on, you know, a subject but you Google it and it’s really, there’s like 10 other articles on the same thing better than the next.

And and trying to one-up all those articles but you know creating something new and innovative, I think that’s the pathway to something really new and innovative out of the stratosphere type of work that you could be doing. So I don’t know, I think it’s kind of cool. I’m excited to see where it goes and um.

CTM Peter: Yeah.

Devon Moore: You know I’m always always keeping tabs on it.

CTM Peter: Have to, they got it in this day and age.

Brandon Jordan: It’s real exciting. Yes, guys stay up.

Devon Moore: Yes, yeah, absolutely.

CTM Peter: All right? So coming up to our last one here. What is the biggest change you’ve seen in lead generation over the last five years and where do you see it headed in the next five years?

Devon Moore: So, you know, real quick, could we, Peter, could we get back to the problems companies have with lead gens? I think we missed it and I just because I have like a little like.

CTM Peter: Yeah, yeah, let’s do it. No problem. No.

Brandon Jordan: Yeah, yeah, we can. We can.

Devon Moore: Have like a little I, you know, it’s the one I didn’t want to skip over because I just, to quote Frank Costanza, I have a lot of problems with these people and you’re gonna hear, you’re gonna hear about like I got a lot of problems. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Brandon Jordan: Um, and.

Brandon Jordan: Ah, this is your chance. This is your chance.

CTM Peter: Um.

Devon Moore: I mean and I’m not going to, and this isn’t the airing of grievances whatsoever. I mean we’re all, you know, companies have every company’s got and not no company’s perfect, every company’s got problems, right? but I did want to go over like some mostly tactical but maybe some higher level issues.

Brandon Jordan: I agreed.

Devon Moore: I see companies have with their lead Gen initiatives and some things that you could you know maybe work on or take a look at I think there’s some value there in it and I brought yes, yes.

CTM Peter: This was the first question, correct? Let me spin back here and ask the question in that way we can dive into that answer because I know we started it got sidetracked and so we’ll come back to that first question. Okay.

Brandon Jordan: Um, yeah, yeah, um.

Devon Moore: Yeah, I snap, I track you guys, Bill Morey. I know I sidetracked you guys. I just took off humker.

Brandon Jordan: No, it’s how good my.

CTM Peter: That’s all right? That’s all good and right so 3 to 1 What’s the biggest challenge your clients face when it comes to generating leads for their business.

Devon Moore: So what I wanted to do with this question is break it down into, you know, basically three different segments. One would be like more concrete issues that like hey this is what it is. It’s more quantitative data and then, you know, abstract here’s some abstract things that maybe you can’t measure as well and then the third would be, you know, data and operations on that side. You know number one, I think pretty obvious it’s like poor website user experience. You know it’s just if you go to a website. You don’t see a contact button. The phone’s difficult to find. It’s below the full the phone number something you know there’s poor navigation.

Devon Moore: You know, maybe too much information. I’ve seen this 100 times like you go somewhere and there’s so much information above the fold where you don’t know where to go. Um, you know if you go to a place where they might have deals or offers something to entice a customer that’s looking to buy now. But.

You know might be a little budget conscious, are those deals or offers like out front or are they kind of hidden? You want to have that out front. You’re that type of ah, a company and then the most obvious I think and I think it’s getting this landscape getting better here. But it’s still not 100% is no responsive design or like not optimized for mobile. Um, not just talking about sites, I’m talking about emails too. You know and there’s this. Ah, there’s a statistic on HubSpot, 78% of people use up to 78 at least use mobile to open email. So if you’re looking at email on desktop and that looks good. Doesn’t matter. You need to check it on mobile. Um.

So, That’s I think I start off with UX because it really is the most simple fix. Like you could go to a site and say well let’s just change this call to action to something that’s a better copy and more actionable. Place this button above the fold, make sure that you can see the phone. You might be able to double somebody’s leads just by doing something like that, the easiest, well the easiest most actionable things. Ah, you can do is change your user experience just if it’s not to the point where you’d like it to be and there’s plenty of old websites out there that need turned over.

Brandon Jordan: Okay, just by that. Wow.

Devon Moore: And there’s plenty of even decent looking websites that might have the wrong message or just don’t have those elements where they need to be and I could even expand UX to say CX, right? Once you take a look at your whole your process of being handed, you know, things being handed off are they going to the right people.

Brandon Jordan: Or who.

Devon Moore: And know that’s not exactly the marketer’s job. But this is the marketer’s job to me to be more like cross-factually involved. Especially if you’re in management or higher, you know talk to the sales team, talk to you know the team that’s taking care of those leads and see where they’re going. You know I’m sure everybody’s like been in a situation where hey we this. Where this contact form goes is it going to the right person. Oh that person got fired last week like you know that under that email like that that could you know those are little issues that make big problems. Um, another pro tip I’d like to use and we started doing this working with you guys for a little bit because.

Brandon Jordan: Yeah.

CTM Peter: Death.

Brandon Jordan: Yeah.

Devon Moore: The number swapping you guys have is so great and it works so well for us, you know, for landing pages if you’re using them for paid advertising. Don and no don’t in all instances use your regular, you know, not just home page but even service local pages. What we’ve been doing is creating our own landing pages to make sure the number swap works and no indexing them which means that, you know, search engines can’t find them because a landing page and a page that’s supposed to be a service level page that’s optimized for SEO often can convey different elements and if you have a landing page that you’re really trying to capture the customer’s attention now and get them to submit a lead to you now, you know you might want some bigger elements or different text elements or you know some sort of visual that might not work as well.

Brandon Jordan: You.

Devon Moore: And like an SEO optimized page where you need the why you still want to write for humans. You need to optimize for the crawlers right? and maybe need to make sure the headers are in the right order and the site structure is correct so you know that’s like a little pro tip you know use your own landing. No index, no index some of your landing pages and use those for your paid advertising. That’s something that’s ah started to work out well for us all right.

CTM Peter: I am that person because when if I if I go to kind of coming back to you know if you click on something you go to a page. It’s not exactly what you thought it would be I am that person.

Brandon Jordan: That’s awesome. Yeah I.

Devon Moore: Right.

CTM Peter: If I click on something I go to that page. It’s not what I think it’s supposed to be I’m out if I go to that page and I can’t find what I’m looking for like that I’m done I’m out. Yep, that’s the same thing with email. That’s a great point about the email because that just happened to me the other day I’m looking through and you know desktop was great. It got to my mobile phone. It’s like.

Devon Moore: Great.

Brandon Jordan: You’re done. Yeah, there’s nothing. Yeah.

CTM Peter: If you can’t do this right for me I’m not right for you and off I went.

Brandon Jordan: That’s right, yeah, there’s nothing like submitting to work with a company right? You’re a consumer and you don’t get a response or takes forever and you know that process is broken so that’s really cool to hear that you got you know Ben you guys are you know, having those conversations with your clients.

Devon Moore: Um, let’s.

CTM Peter: Yeah.

Brandon Jordan: Right? And you’re using call track and metrics to do it because it just helps to improve that process like and it can help help with some of those problems so that sounds like the sounds like a good marriage I Love it.

Devon Moore: It definitely is I’ll I’ll keep I’ll keep pumping your guys ego up a little bit here so you um, but ahll I’ll move through the couple a couple other like the concrete stuff lack of content I think that’s I think this is pretty obvious right.

Brandon Jordan: Likewise likewise. But yeah, yeah.

Devon Moore: Yeah, do you have at least service pages or product pages or are you blogging is that appropriate for your company. Those are questions you said ask email programming when I say email programming I’m not saying just you know do you have a robust email program with automation and all these I’m just saying do you have 1.

Brandon Jordan: My.

Devon Moore: You know you should have one because I think that’s once you get it up and running and start collecting. You know those customers just at the top of your funnel that’s invaluable because you can really, it’s a process even small businesses can really automate and even say hey we’re going to send somebody one offer a month and maybe 2 you know 2 emails a month that’s okay, start somewhere. And just make sure you’re you’re contacting your customers regularly. It’s not it doesn’t matter if they don’t open all your emails your open rate’s not amazing. You’re showing up in their inbox every single day or every single night I mean not every single day but I guess you know least a few times a month and they’re seeing you they see your brand.

CTM Peter: Yeah.

Devon Moore: It helps to kind of refresh those memory structures and whenever they do have a problem and needs solved you’re more likely to get recalled for that. So just have an email program. You know I’m just giving you the basics here if you do have one hey work at it and try to you know own it and make it a better product that makes sense. Um.

Brandon Jordan: Do.

Devon Moore: You know, social media platform keep the lights on at the very least they know organic isn’t as popular, especially on Facebook anymore but keep the lights on um posts on social you know when you some some platforms obviously get more engagement than others video contents really big. And then you know for local businesses like lack of reviews. You know you’re just not going to rank and and the top of your ah you know product or service category locally if you have like three Google reviews and the rest. Ah, you’re around all these other businesses that have generated hundreds or thousands of reviews.

Brandon Jordan: Course.

Devon Moore: It’s going to be really tough for you. You need to generate reviews so those are all things that maybe you can’t fix right away like the UX stuff I was talking about but those are things that you can at least get started on. Um you know and again I would say that use a lead magnet if you can you know we. For our 1 water treatment business I created a 45 page ebook um on water treatment issues on water contamination that was a couple years ago but now it’s got we got over 10000 people in our email ten thousand downloads and and 500 trackable leads. Um, you know and how much did that ebook cost to create well maybe in the you know thousands and and how much revenue has that generated probably in the hundreds of thousands. So it’s it’s those those those lead magnets whether they’re they take a little bit of time the reports or. You know emails or even you know even it’s a webinar or something like that they they might take a little bit time to start producing those but it’s it’s worth it. I think in the long run to just get those people in the top of your funnel. So yeah, that’s that’s at least that’s that’s content right? You know just producing engaging content.

Brandon Jordan: Yeah.

Devon Moore: And then my last is is focus on SEO right? Um I always say like you know besides the UX stuff because SEO is not buttoned up. You start that first because SEO takes time you know and um when I say SEO I mean some of the other things I’m talking about fall into SEO like content. But.

CTM Peter: This is throwing.

Devon Moore: I’m talking about your’re on-page SEO I’m talking about internal linking making sure you know the right pages are linked to each other your headers are are optimized for key the keywords you want them to the title tags or related descriptions your images with all text your technical SEO right? Schema markup page pagespe make sure your pages speed is. Is right? and you don’t have plugins weighing your site down. You know you have the line of render blocking resources and and unused Javascript makes you if you have to have a developer for that and and you need to have a guru like go find 1 to someone that can just kind of tweet make the tweaks and help you out your Google business profile if you’re local. That’s essential. I don’t think I I need to you know, get into that I think hopefully small business owners most of them know have Google business profile. But if it’s not robust enough. Go look for other examples of businesses that are robust in in your market or in other markets. Um, you know it’s always expanding and doing something different. Just read on search engine roundtable the other day they’re starting to show social media posts on there. So it’s on some of them I think it’s some businesses not all of them so something to look into um, almost done with my list directories and citations. Obviously that’s like your basic you know if it’s Yelp or Angie or.

CTM Peter: So um, both.

Brandon Jordan: Wow! yeah.

Devon Moore: Yeah, there’s programs out there that can help you manage these? We use BrightLocal I’ll give them a plug because we generally like them. They’re nice and you know not overly expensive.

CTM Peter: And.

Devon Moore: So those are ways you can help manage those directories and citations because those all are kind of a drop in a bucket but they all kind of matter they all add up to something so ah, yeah, just not focusing on SEO you know along with poor site user experience or customer experience and then just producing more content. Show your expertise in the area. Um, I think those 3 things I’ll add up and those are all 3 things that you can control right? and we talk about the own media stuff like I just covered it all there. Those are all things that you should you can have and control right.

Brandon Jordan: Yeah, absolutely I think um I’m I’m glad one I’m glad you took your time to go through that list because I’m you know I’m not just podcast host here I’m an account exec. So I’m I’m working with clients that are looking for legion and you know working with you know, different.

CTM Peter: Yeah.

Brandon Jordan: Lead Gen companies and and this is all gold and um I don’t know I think we should might have to start charging for this this podcast here so much so much information and it’s It’s so gracious that you decided to you know, go through all that and you know, really expound all all that knowledge. So I appreciate it for sure done.

CTM Peter: Um.

Devon Moore: Um, um.

Devon Moore: I’ll I’ll take a little bit equity in it just a little bit how to negotiate.

CTM Peter: To this page.

Brandon Jordan: Ah, there we go Well little kickback. That’s good.

Devon Moore: So so I’ll I’ll quickly go through the qualitative issues I think these are a little bit you know, less little bit hazier but you know number number one you don’t know the market well enough when I say that you know we talked about this already your message has to match.

Brandon Jordan: Okay.

Devon Moore: Market and match the platform. You know when we have for example these ah you know, ah these lead magnets that the ebooks that go up. Well you wouldn’t want to have that show up on like a page where you’re driving you know bottom funnel people to like ah you know paid Google Advertising you would want that on like a blog page or a page where someone you know is going to be maybe just looking for information and you know they’re there. There’s a softly. There are potential softly. They just want to maybe get a little more information on the subject. You know you’ll see this. You get a hubspot they’ll offer ebooks on their blogs. They know like. Ah, you’re trying to get information. You’re trying to get a little bit education. Oh you want this ebook. This is a little bit more what we could offer you a little bit more so you know here you go here’s this ebook but that’s only on their blogs. You know they’re not offering you. They’re probably not offering ebooks if they have you like almost to the point of a sale right? So just knowing.

Brandon Jordan: Yeah, perfectful.

Devon Moore: Know in the market you know I think that’s that simple but it’s not always right and you know obviously that the proper brand message and experience the right stage and the proper platform and then the other. My other thing is and this goes the the quality of the leads because it’s not just about collecting as many leads as possible right.

CTM Peter: And.

Devon Moore: It’s about the quality of the leads and you know the market doesn’t know what? well the market doesn’t know you well enough and that goes back to brand. You know you need the balance a little bit you know, um this is a lead gen podcast but I’m going to Stump for brand for 1 minute you can’t just.

Devon Moore: Hammering You know the funnel and and not thinking about you know how people understand your brand and you know who you are what you do and are you trustworthy and I think that you know if that gets ignored totally and you’re. Company works into a sales lead motion where you know you’re collecting leads and then passing them off to sales quickly and these leads while they could be high in quantity haven’t you know, been qualified to understand who you are what you do. They haven’t had a lot of. Exposure to your brand. Um, it’s going to be a little.. It could be an uphill climb for your sales team to to make those appointments or make those closings So I don’t think you know you want to ignore brand and and make sure that your your brand is is part of that nurturing process right? like.. There’s one part of the funnel like this force of inertia where these people have problems and they’re looking for them and they’re looking for you to solve them and they’re actively looking and it’s you know, inbound. But you know from even I guess a paid advertising side or the other ways to get your brand in front of potential users or customers. Ah, that shouldn’t be ignored to to make sure that you are you know, trustworthy and and known for what you do and and established and and I think again, you can’t you can’t ah quantify this but it’s like hey um, they know if there’s.

Brandon Jordan: Hold.

Devon Moore: Some people will go into a sale and if they have an idea of your brand and and and how how important it might be or I guess you know is in a way that it’s just it’s thought highly of or they think highly of you that sales is going to be so much easier to make Um, so it’s about quality leads and and I think again your market.

Brandon Jordan: Oh yeah.

Devon Moore: Market needs to understand you as well as you understanding the market and I think that’s stuff that’s you know, not always easy as easy to measure right.

Brandon Jordan: Yeah, absolutely.

Devon Moore: Can I go into my last set am I wearing you guys out yet.

Brandon Jordan: Um, ah yeah, no, no, no, you’re you’re good. Yeah.

CTM Peter: No by all means.

Devon Moore: Um, the last was just and operations issues. I mean this is um, measurement right? Like are you measuring your lead you better be I mean but some place some some places a business still don’t have you know analytics and I know g a four is in. My favorite thing in the world since it’s turned over but you still need to use it and in conjunction maybe with data studio studio or some other sort of measurement platform if that’s Adobe or or whatever you’re using, no call tracking I’m plugging you guys again. You should have call tracking right? um.

Brandon Jordan: And.

CTM Peter: Back.

Devon Moore: Conversions set up. Do you have conversions set up or you understand that do you have a crm or a lead tracking system Bam has its own proprietary leads lead tracking system. We do a great job of once you have the leads we can track them from search to sale and that’s so important. It’s not just important for us but important for the client. They have an understanding. That goes into Benchmarks. Do you have benchmarks your cost per lead your cost for appointment leading back to revenue you know bad mathematics leads to bad operations right? So you know, remember like nothing’s perfect and obviously like with the cookie crumbling and. It’s being harder to track people with you know iphones and stuff like that. It’s It’s not going to be perfect. But at least you know if you have some of the data you can have leading indicators to make decisions on you know,? what’s Good. What’s bad. What should we be doing what you know what are we not doing and and iterate from there. If that makes sense.

CTM Peter: Yes.

Devon Moore: So I think in a good example of this is we did a whole study with color tracking metrics showing ah roi on paid ads you guys did a great job with it. Go to the resource center and check it Out. We’re able to track all of our ads all the way from from search to sale. Basically. All of our channels and it gave us some wonderful insights. So um, there’s another plug but that’s a plug that I’m I’m happy to say was a part of so.

CTM Peter: Nice, nice. No go ahead if you had someone else who wanted to add.

Devon Moore: Ah, yeah, go ahead.

Devon Moore: Ah, no well the last the last two I’ll just go through them real quick. It was you know and I know we’re probably running along here right guys so it was like you know operational issues that’s lack of automation and workflows usage of automation and emails and other aspects of your publishing. There’s there’s a hubspot survey said markers still spent 6 hours a day on manual administrative or operational task anytime you can cut that down like even by like a third imagine like you know the extra time you would have to do other things and and optimize your business in other ways you know coordination with sales. And problems with scale right? If you start getting a lot of leads what happens right? That’s an issue and then coordinating with sales already talked to you about that workout. Make sure you’re working with your sales and and know and knowing how sales works if you’re a marketer you you have I know there’s.

CTM Peter: Traditionally friction between those two groups but they need to work in conjunction together in any sort of business. Especially if it’s a B Two B application but really in any business and then the last one is strategy right? This is just like the highest level you can get no focus. No understanding in the market unfocused resources. No goals, no objectives.

CTM Peter: But.

Devon Moore: Um, we have plenty of clients that you know we started from. We do everything for everyone. That’s what we do like and they don’t want to have like a specific you know, message or goal or focus and that’s that’s that’s not how you you win customers. That’s not how you you know. Are able to move forward as much as you love to give everything to everyone. You know, not everybody is like a you know Walmart or an Amazon of the world. So that’s just that’s just how it works and then obviously you know, no iterative process. No reporting you know leadership stuff like that. That’s. That’s just basic stuff I yeah I think it’s stuff that you don’t really think about. But if it’s not there for you. You’re gonna you’re gonna have problems with your lead gen. So yeah, that’s I know that’s ah ah, a lot and I could probably write a book on it. But I figured I I said I had a lot of problems with you people. So um. You know and I I just ah, right right.

CTM Peter: Um, but you can have aid your ghost writer say I mean this is phenomenal to to Brandon’s point to know he’s he’s on the front end of people coming into the business I deal with customers that have been here for quite a while. So.

CTM Peter: The topic of lead generation comes up quite a bit and this has been phenomenal for me. It’s just been little nugget after nugget after Nugget so this is fantastic. Um Brandon oh seriously Devin this has been just. it’s been outstanding um it’s it’s a lot to take in.

Brandon Jordan: There’s so many jouls that you dropped Devin we’re really grateful. We’re grateful for your business as Ctm and even as potential you know lead Gen you know clients were starting lead gens or even your potential clients right? Definitely some value there so this has been an amazing conversation and I definitely look forward to. Continuing to build our relationship and yeah, appreciate your time man. It’s been awesome.

CTM Peter: and and 1 more thing in closing before we move on is what would you like to plug.

Devon Moore: Guys. Thanks and much.

Brandon Jordan: Ah ahead. Yes, that’s it Yes I’m sorry I always food gets me distracted sorry.

Devon Moore: Well, you know I I What yeah right? like but I’m not doing this for free guys come on now just I should add sponsorships on my on my shirt I know be a true advertising professional I am.

CTM Peter: He has no yet happened.

Brandon Jordan: Ah, that’s right, That’s right? yeah.

Devon Moore: You know I you know I just want to I Just want to plug Plug Bam especially for you know home service companies If you’re a local home service company. We run some of the best home service companies in the country. We we run one of the the best.

Brandon Jordan: Woo.

Devon Moore: Pacific Coast outfits. They’re the one of the highest growing companies in the Pacific Coast They just opened up their second second location we have a a handful of companies across. Ah you know the Pacific region the East but we’re always looking for new customers and home services Whether that’s Hvac whether that’s plumbing roofing.

Brandon Jordan: Wow.

Devon Moore: Yeah, siding installation of doors windows I go on forever but were that’s our bread and butter. So I want to plug that and also our bam lead tracker which helps you track leads some search to sale. We get you into that and you know you’ll be You’ll be rolling in quality leads right? quality leads and in no time. So. Ah, that’s that’s ah you know I’ll just keep it simple I’m not going to plug everything or plug plug anything else. Um, but shout out to my wife and kid Laurie and ja I love you and yeah that that’s ah like.

Brandon Jordan: Um, always always. That’s most important that’s awesome. My I love it I Love it. That’s it. Yeah, you can’t can’t forget the family.

CTM Peter: That’s a ri that’s a good plug right? there man. Oh yeah, and I love your half by the way I know we had this conversation during meet Andre while I live in Maryland I come from Pittsburgh so I’m kind of that bridge between the 2

Devon Moore: Like that’s like you got to have you know that’s back. Yeah ever We get the family.

Brandon Jordan: Can’t forget the family. Ah.

Devon Moore: We we needed you to separate us Peter if we needed you to separate.

CTM Peter: I Love that hat.

Brandon Jordan: Ah, there you go. That’s yeah, we need it. Yeah, we need it. Sorry it’s sorry Peter you you can go with fittsburgh today. Ah.

CTM Peter: Um, don’t make me pull this car over.

Devon Moore: Love it. Thanks guys Appreciate you and I be back.

Brandon Jordan: That is awesome. Yeah, thank you man. Thank you Devin I appreciate it. It’s been. It’s been a great conversation. Yeah, awesome man all yeah yeah.

CTM Peter: Great! Thanks! a lot have a good rest of your day and we’ll let you.