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Connect Faster and Deliver a More Personalized Experience 

Behavioral Healthcare Organizations can be available whenever anyone reaches out for help and nurture relationships with patients and their families every step of the recovery journey with HIPAA-compliant AI-powered conversation analytics and marketing automation tools.

Top 4 Ways Behavioral Healthcare Organizations Use CallTrackingMetrics

Our most popular automation tools include:


Connect Callers to Help Quickly

Automatically and instantly analyze conversations

AI-powered tools determine which conversations are most time-sensitive. They appropriately tag and route them to the admissions specialist they spoke with before, or the one best suited to meet their needs. Communications and automation tools are HIPAA-compliant so you know your patient’s information is safe and secure.

Our most popular personalization tools include:


Create a Personalized, Streamlined Intake Experience

Deliver a smooth and thoughtful experience to each patient every time

Intake is a critical time in the admissions process. Using tools that provide details about your caller (if they’ve called before, which ads they’ve integrated with, what type of insurance they have, who they spoke with, etc.) helps give your patients the best possible experience. 

Our most popular automation follow-up tools include:


Provide Immediate Connections and Follow-Ups

Stay connected and build trust with patients and their loved ones

Quickly and consistently connect with prospective patients and their families throughout the entire recovery journey. From a simple text after their first call through their entire clinical treatment, and even years after with alumni outreaches.

Our most popular coaching and training tools include:


Empower Intake Teams

Real-time coaching and training opportunities

Coach your admissions specialists on how to handle the most difficult conversations and train new employees on best practices and processes. Identify patterns in the admissions specialists who help the most people and share these insights across the team.

What Our Customers Are Saying One set of quotation marks.

“The benefits of CTM are significant, and can help your business gain the control you need to spend and manage smarter.” 

-Suzanne Jessee CEO, Anew Era Treatment Center

“The training tools ensure we’re able to provide a better overall experience for clients, caregivers, and prospects.” 

-Ron Patterson, Vice President of Marketing and IT Griswold Home Care

“We have saved a significant amount of marketing dollars on campaigns that were not working.” 

-Ben Kaneaiakala, Chief Executive Officer, Phoenix Rising

“CTM is the best in the business…I will never take a job as a director unless we use CTM I have been doing this for 30 years, I have tried others several times and would need 2 other call tracking systems to get the data you get with just CTM.”

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