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How Call Attribution Resulted in a “Complete Upgrade” of our Sales and Marketing Departments

by CallTrackingMetrics

The Problem: Which marketing campaigns are working?

Phoenix Rising, a behavioral health care services provider with multiple locations in Southern California, had a number of active marketing campaigns when they first contacted CallTrackingMetrics. As a growing business, they needed to make informed decisions on where to spend their marketing budget, but they had no way of determining which marketing campaign was actually driving leads.

Not only did Phoenix Rising need to implement a tracking system for their marketing campaigns – they also needed increased control over their calls and call agents. In fact, prior to using CallTrackingMetrics, Phoenix Rising Behavioral was using just one Google Voice number for all incoming calls.


The Power of Attribution

Since implementing CallTrackingMetrics’ software, Phoenix Rising has reported improvements behind their decision-making processes, which has resulted in a “complete upgrade” of their Admissions/Sales and Marketing departments. They now have a full-spectrum view of which marketing campaigns are producing calls, and which are a waste of their advertising budget. Phoenix Rising’s Admissions/Sales Manager can now provide call schedules, and is now able to monitor call agents more closely for training and quality assurance purposes, helping overall conversion.

Combining Insight with Action

Phoenix Rising also relies on CallTrackingMetrics’ call queues and tracking sources. The queues allow them to customize their calls with wait messages and music, and have also enabled them to route call types to specific agents. The tracking sources empower Phoenix Rising to assign a phone number to each of their marketing campaigns; it has been powerful to know exactly where their calls are originating from!  Now that they know where to spend precious marketing dollars, Phoenix Rising has seen a significant improvement in their ROI and overall conversion rate.

“We have saved a significant amount of marketing dollars on campaigns that were not working.”

– Ben Kaneaiakala, C.E.O., Phoenix Rising Behavioral Health Care Services

Advice for Other Businesses

According to CEO Ben Kaneaiakala, “Call tracking is essential for any business that wants control over their marketing ROI and also quality assurance and training of call agents. CallTrackingMetrics has a very user friendly dashboard and gives the business excellent reports and notifications to help them manage more effectively on a daily basis.”

About Phoenix Rising:

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The vision of Phoenix Rising is to create a safe environment where each individual may rise from their past to a new and brighter future. Our mission is to provide the best clinical care rooted in safety, security, attachment, and including current industry standards.