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Maximize Budgets at Every Location and Keep Pipelines Full of Great Leads

Franchises rely heavily on phone calls making it vital to tie each call to the source driving it. Call tracking  connects phone calls to their sources and ensures you’re seeing the full attribution picture for every text, call, chat, or form fill across all locations. From a Google Ad to a bus wrap, you’ll know exactly what’s cultivating growth, closing deals, and increasing foot traffic locally, regionally, and nationally. 

Top 5 Ways Franchises Use CTM

Our most popular paid ad tools include:


  • Google Ads’ bi-directional integration
  • Automated call scoring and tagging
  • Customizable triggers

01. Maximize Your Budget and Drive Efficiency

Empower your paid ad strategy with the right data.

 Ad spend can be expensive. It’s critical to look at the full attribution picture when making strategic decisions. Attribution and conversational analytics tools, paired with advanced Google integrations, reveal your best-performing ads and keywords. Then use that information to automatically optimize campaigns based on factors you pre-determine. You won’t waste another penny on ads that don’t work and will maximize the ones that are. Franchisees and franchisors will be on the same page and know exactly which efforts are driving revenue.

Our most popular call management tools include:

02. Improve Speed to Lead and Personalize Conversations

Connect faster and deliver more personalized experiences at scale

Lead management and AI-powered communication tools streamline communications and make it fast and easy for customers to connect with you on nearly any platform they choose, day or night. Whether by form on your website, a phone call, text, or chat, automated tools connect your customer with the person (or virtual agent tool) best suited to meet their specific needs. You can also get the numbers you want with local, vanity, and 800 options.

Our most popular optimization tools include:

03. Unlock the Full Potential of Every Location and Employee

Optimize success with data-backed strategies

Call tracking gives you full visibility into all of your marketing and sales efforts so you’ll know which ads, channels, and keywords are most effective. With this first-hand insight into your customer’s interactions with your brand, you’ll also see what the most successful agents are doing to drive the highest-value conversions. Simply replicate what’s working best (and ditch what’s not) across all locations and train all employees on best practices.


Our most popular team performance tools include:

  • Real-time dashboards and reporting
  • Call recordings and transcriptions
  • Free sub-accounts for location roll-up reporting

04. Get a Comprehensive View of Agent Activity Across All Locations

See at a glance where leads drop off and where they convert

View all agents at all locations in one dashboard. Get insight into missed calls, busiest times of the day, days of the week, etc. ensure calls are being answered promptly and agents are providing relevant, helpful service. Then take what the best performing agents are doing and use that to train employees so everyone is at the top of their game. 

Our most popular omnichannel communication tools include:

  • ChatAI 
  • Softphone
  • Chat
  • Text
  • FormReactor®

05. Drive Brand Awareness and Nurture Relationships

Omnichannel communications ensure consistency across locations and conversations

Multiple locations demand that the same, branded message is carried through all interactions. Omnichannel communication and conversation analytics tools let you know how each location’s (and agent’s) message is being shared and how it’s perceived by your audience. Consistent, on-brand, and relevant messaging drives brand awareness and customer trust. Virtual agent tools like ChatAI crawl your website and knowledge base for information so you can be sure all of your communications, even the automated ones, are on-brand! 

What Our Customers Are Saying One set of quotation marks.

“We have about 200 franchisees and licensees open in the United States with three numbers for each,” shares Eddowes, “so being able to track and see the success and conversion rates of those clinics month over month has been extremely important.”

Jessica Eddowes, Vice President – Digital & eCommerce for Lice Clinics of America

“As soon as a call came in on a tracking number, we could associate it with a marketing activity and from there start the process of analyzing how many unique calls we were getting and how that sales activity translated to our overall growth.”

Ron Patterson, Vice President of Marketing and IT at Griswold Home Care

“I didn’t come from a technical background, but I found the whole process of purchasing and assigning tracking numbers to be comprehensive and straightforward. These tracking numbers can be set up and activated in a matter of minutes.”

-Delphin Thebaud, Manager at Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet

“CallTrackingMetrics is an integral part of any marketing stack where phone calls need to be tracked. We rely on CTM to get the most accurate reporting so we can optimize campaigns for our clients most efficiently. We’ve tested various solutions and there are none better than CallTrackingMetrics!”

– Matt Pru, Managing Partner, Stackmatix


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