Identify Exactly Which Campaigns Drive Revenue

Track and attribute all online and offline leads, across multiple platforms, to confidently prove ROI and increase conversions

What is Call Tracking?

Go Beyond the Phone Call 

Traditional call tracking uses unique phone numbers to tie phone calls to the ads driving them. Modern call tracking connects any conversation–phone, text, chat, or form–back to its online or offline advertising source. From a Google Ads campaign to a billboard ad, call tracking lets you see exactly which campaigns, ads, and keywords motivated customers to reach out.

Use call tracking to:

  • Get a full picture of your conversions
  • Prove return on investment (ROI)
  • Optimize campaigns and increase conversions
  • Allocate advertising spend accurately
  • Generate more revenue
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Unearth detailed insights into both online and offline customer behaviors so you can target your highest-value conversions.

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Take action on insights to provide personalized communications and supporting touchpoints to close leads, and create happy, loyal advocates.

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Closed-loop attribution connects your campaigns to real revenue so you can confidently prove ROI on all your marketing efforts.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Call tracking is powered by dynamic number insertion to connect online activity to an offline conversation.

Accurate Attribution through Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

The core element of online call tracking, DNI uses a short line of code to automatically switch phone numbers on a website to match the user’s source, geographic location, or other custom trigger. It’s not quite magic, but when you see all the data it unlocks you’ll think it might be.

Enhancing Every Google Touchpoint

We know how important Google is to marketers, so we’ve built CallTrackingMetrics to work seamlessly within the Google ecosystem. Two-way communication between Google and CTM, from Ads to Analytics (and much more), provides closed-loop attribution and full visibility giving you valuable marketing data you can actually use.

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Tools to Meet Your Audience Where They Are

Call tracking is no longer limited to calls. Get a complete marketing attribution picture of all your communication sources including chat, text, and forms. With full pipeline visibility, you can see every touchpoint on the customer’s journey and make meaningful, data-backed decisions.

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There’s Strength in Numbers

Phone numbers facilitate attribution for all your marketing efforts in CallTrackingMetrics and because these numbers are a highly visible part of your brand, we offer options to meet every need including toll-free, local, and vanity numbers in more than 80 countries.

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Powerful Analysis at a Glance

Advertising attribution is just the beginning of the insights you can draw from CallTrackingMetrics. We layer on advanced conversation analytics and real-time reporting so you can make strategic, data-backed decisions to increase conversions and easily report on your full performance.  Flexible filtering, automation, and customization options put you in control of your data.

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Start Seeing the Whole Picture and Begin Connecting Your Advertising Efforts to Real Results.