Your Customer’s Story Told with Call Analytics and Reporting

Understand your audience better, through their own words and easily-digestible, real-time reporting.

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Conversation Analytics Powered by AI  

Automate Insights from All Your Customer Communications

There’s no better way to get to know your customer than through their own communications with you. Gain a strategic advantage and a thorough understanding of your customer’s full journey with a complete suite of conversation intelligence tools and features. Use artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to measure customer sentiment, identify and score qualified conversations, and give strategists everything they need to knock their campaigns out of the park.

The Context

Know your leads’ sources, volume and quality of touchpoints, and countless other data points before and after conversations.

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The Subtext

Automatically identify purchase intent and sentiment from individual conversations or aggregate patterns across segments of your audience.

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The Next Steps

Take action on your call analytics to follow up with leads faster, inform your ad campaigns, and enhance CRM data.

Unlock the Power of the Spoken Word

Get to know what your customers really want from you through conversation intelligence features like call recordings, transcriptions, and scoring. Enhance your lead flows through our AskAI tech to spot, identify, and take action on, keywords and sentiment within your conversations–automatically.

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A 360 View of Your Conversations, Leads, and Sales

Access an array of reports designed to help you optimize your marketing efforts and team performance. Every report can be filtered, exported, and scheduled so you get the information you need when you need it.

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Design Custom Solutions Unique to Your Team’s Goals

On the rare occasion that CTM is missing something your team needs, our culture is to build it for you, or with you. You’d be amazed what has been built on top of our already robust software through our API and lambda functions.

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Software Reviews Champion Badge 2023 in Conversation Intelligence

Earned Champions Honors for Conversation Intelligence Software

Recognized by Software Reviews for building strong customer relationships and creating real business value

Call Analytics at the Center of Your Growth Strategy

Inform Your Advertising Automation and Optimize with Confidence

Our call analytics software is designed to not only surface insights marketers can use to inform their decisions, but to connect that data to additional features used to implement them. Attribution from call tracking, contextual intent data from conversation intelligence, and sales pipeline efficiency from robust lead management. All in one platform.

Get a First-hand Look at How Conversation Analytics and Reporting Features Unlock Powerful and Actionable Insights.