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How Lice Clinics of America Uses Texting Automation to Connect with Customers Faster

by CallTrackingMetrics

Looking for a Solution

Jessica Eddowes, Vice President – Digital & Ecommerce for Lice Clinics of America, first considered working with a call tracking provider when she was looking for ways to better understand how her national advertising campaigns were impacting her lead flows. Which campaigns were driving the most calls to where? A colleague had recommended looking into Twilio, who she reached out to, but Twilio immediately thought CallTrackingMetrics could be a great partner for her to work with since they had already developed a solution for this business challenge using their software.

“We have about 200 franchisees and licensees open in the United States with three numbers for each,” shares Eddowes, “so being able to track and see the success and conversion rates of those clinics month over month has been extremely important.”

Eddowes, a self-professed “data junkie,” shared that the first thing she fell in love with at CallTrackingMetrics was the reporting. “When I saw how easy the reporting was and how cleanly everything came through and the ways I was able to slice and cut the data, I thought to myself: This is amazing! Especially compared to the system we were coming from.”

The first thing I loved about CallTrackingMetrics was the reporting. When I saw all the ways I was able to slice the data, I thought to myself: This is amazing!

Jessica Eddowes, Lice Clinics of America

Eddowes and her team started reporting daily, weekly, monthly, and now yearly to evaluate their traffic over time and quickly uncover which campaigns were performing to inform their marketing strategy. A priority for their team was the ability to integrate with key systems such as Google Ads, Facebook, and even bulk uploading their offline leads. That way, they can filter by that custom criteria to have a view into whether the changes they made were working and optimize accordingly. Since starting on the platform in April 2016, they’ve seen 70% growth in the number of calls and leads coming in overall.

Building the Relationship

As the relationship evolved, Kenneth Sylvain, Lice Clinics’ Customer Success Manager here at CallTrackingMetrics, reached out to see what other challenges the team was facing and how we might be able to help. Eddowes shared that she’d been noticing a lag with the provider they were using to send out text messages through their booking platform with clients.

“In most cases, the messages were going out within 3 to 5 minutes of a request, but others took up to an hour or more,” Eddowes says. “This was a big issue for us because these were appointment requests for people who have lice, so they very much want and need an immediate response from our team.”

Sylvain worked with Eddowes and her team to implement texting automation through CallTrackingMetrics with about a dozen of her franchise clinics. Now, with our platform, when a customer submits an appointment request at one of their lice clinics, individual clinic owners receive a text, while customers also receive a text letting them know that someone will be in touch with them shortly. The delivery is swift and consistent, assuring the customer that the request will be taken care of quickly. The best part? Eddowes loves that the CTM service costs just a penny per text, versus the two cents per text she was paying with another provider.

Over the coming months, Eddowes and her team are looking to roll out the texting system to their full roster of franchises across the United States. CallTrackingMetrics will be on hand to support this transition and make sure she and her team have the customizations they need to personalize, and further optimize, their first communication with a new client.

Are you looking to engage customers with text messages? Check out our webinar recording to see all the ways you can build texting campaigns on CallTrackingMetrics!

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