6 Ways to Use First-Party Call Tracking Data to Prove You’re Crushing It

Participate in something we like to call data-driven bragging

Say they have enough data
Only about 30% of marketers report having enough data to answer the questions executive leadership cares about.

Data has the power to help you make impactful business decisions, but just as importantly, data has the power to show off the results of your hard work. You’re killing it, and data from call tracking can help prove it.


Track all your leads. Not just forms.

You’re underselling your results if you’re defining a “lead” too narrowly as digital-only. The minute you start tracking calls, you’re adding volume to your lead count. More leads. Same cost. Higher ROI. You’re an overnight star.

Before call tracking, Tutor Doctor was missing 40% of their conversions.

Provide backup to your ad performance.

Call tracking isn’t just about making the phone ring. It’s about discovering what’s making the phone ring. Not only can you take credit for the increase in tracked leads, but now you can prove your Google Ads PMax campaign is the reason for your big YoY increase. Well done.

Matching your marketing efforts to their results is call tracking’s whole deal.
Customer Calls
Total Calls
Email Marketing
Social Media – Organic
Social Media – CPC

Drive volume and quality.

What’s better than getting to show off a bunch of leads? Getting to show off a bunch of qualified leads. Score your leads manually, or let AI do it for you. Then use those insights to keep the momentum going by sending good leads to Google Ads to inform your smart bidding and build valuable first-party data lists for Customer Match targeting.

Reporting on lead quality is hard, but not for you.

“How difficult is it for you to report on lead quality data?”

Extremely difficult
Very difficult
Somewhat difficult
Not very difficult
Not at all difficult
**204 respondents in 2023 data survey

Get granular.

One downside to delivering better reporting is that everyone’s going to expect it to keep getting better. The good news: it can. Have answers ready to go for all the possible follow ups by implementing tags and AI. Need to report on only new callers? Easy. Need to report only on missed calls or whatever they can throw out at you? Analyze your leads easily with AI based on call transcriptions.


Enhance your tech stack.

You might be tempted to keep all of the call tracking spotlight to yourself, but you have the chance to become a hero to your teams working on other platforms. Sending call tracking data into CRMs and other tools spreads the love, makes jobs easier, and has a heck of a business impact.


Track leads through to actual revenue.

You’ve shown off increased volume, better quality leads, and granular reporting. Everyone is very impressed with you. But you have one more trick up your sleeve to blow everyone away: conversion reporting tied directly to revenue. Conversion scoring puts sales data back into the hands of marketing for the ultimate data-driven brag: $$$.

Call tracking revenue data can put you on the fast track to your goals.

Only 38% of marketers report revenue attributed to marketing as a KPI


61% of marketers report it somewhat difficult or harder to report on revenue from leads


41% of marketers chose attribution and ROI as their top challenge

Raise your profile, or just raise the bar for your team.

Whatever your motivation, call tracking unlocks the data you need to make better decisions and connect all the hard work your team puts into actual results.

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