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Callbox & CTM: Call Tracking for Marketers, MarTech, and Everyone In Between

by Hannah Hanover

What’s the top challenge for today’s marketers? (Hint: It’s not just figuring out TikTok and Threads.) 

The biggest challenge facing marketers is tying leads to ad campaigns. In fact, 41% of marketers today find that correctly attributing conversions to ad channels – and tying those channels to revenue – is what they struggle with most. More often than not, marketers are creating strategies based on guesses, assumptions, and hunches.

Hunches, unfortunately, are pretty hard to justify on a budget spreadsheet. And swapping out hunches for hard data is exactly what Eyal Gershon and his business partner, Hanan Avzuk, were looking to do. 

Over a decade ago this duo was running a marketing agency with a focus on generating leads for U.S. home services companies focused on water damage repair. With 99% of their leads coming in by phone, they quickly realized a gaping hole in their data – they were getting calls, but from which ads? They needed to find the bridge between their ad efforts and that ringing phone to help them accomplish two things: 

  1. Keep their ad budget on track and 
  2. Scale as a business over time

To accomplish these two goals, Gershon knew he needed a call tracking and marketing attribution solution right away. But in a surprise twist, his discovery of CallTrackingMetrics changed his vision for their future work completely. With CTM, Gershon and Avzuk knew they could finally return to their passion in the tech space by bringing a new company, Callbox, into the market. 

The key to this pivot? A customizable call tracking and attribution solution.


Problem: Tying Data Back to Google Ads

At first, Gershon’s central problem was an inability to tie sales data back to Google Ads in the home services marketing space. Not only that, but connecting that ad and sales data to CRM and leads management systems was impossible without a robust call tracking and attribution platform. They needed a software solution capable of assigning advertising session data to phone calls (particularly from online ads) and integrating it with a CRM

After all, they knew phone calls weren’t going anywhere (even with text and chat options), and it takes more calls than ever to lead a prospective customer from brand awareness to purchase. Not only are phone calls the second most common use for your smartphone (behind text messaging, of course), but 68% of customers still prefer to contact a business via phone over any other communication channel. 

Gershon knew that the top call-driving ad space was (and still remains) Google Ads, of course. But without being able to tie those calls back to Google Ads, Gershon and Avzuk were effectively advertising blind. 

Solution: Call Tracking and Attribution with a Personal Touch

After conducting extensive research and calling up different call tracking and attribution software companies, Gershon rang CallTrackingMetrics. 

In true CTM fashion, CEO Todd Fisher picked up the phone. 

Gershon had questions. With a deeply technical background, he had specific needs and concerns from a call tracking software solution. It had to be accurate, customizable, and able to integrate with a range of platforms. It also had to be able to scale with his vision for growth, and flexible enough to work with systems and companies overseas. Finally, Gershon needed to feel confident that it was a solution that would continue to adapt in the ever-changing tech landscape, able to update and solve for new problems and technologies consistently.   

With one phone call, Fisher addressed all these needs and began a partnership that would last over a decade.

 “Todd and I chatted and we had a really nice conversation,” recalls Gershon of that first phone call. “He was able to answer all of my technical questions in detail, which made me feel really good about going with CTM.”

Though CallTrackingMetrics is an industry leader in the call tracking space, chatting with the CEO or leadership about your needs isn’t unheard-of – at CTM, a personalized experience is an everyday experience for customers.

After discussing CTM with Fisher, Gershon and Avzuk decided to make the pivot from home services marketing back to their real business passion: martech. Callbox, a call tracking solutions company, was founded in 2012 once Gershon and Avzuk decided CTM was the perfect software partner for them. 

One of the key things about CallTrackingMetrics that excited Gershon was that it offered them a way to get out of marketing and back into the martech space. The platform could be easily repackaged as a white label platform and, with Gershon’s high level of technical expertise, push custom solutions to its limits.

These platform qualities were the building blocks of Callbox

“Callbox is a combination of CTM’s platform with more than 20 years of combined experience in development and martech,” says Gershon, “which allows us to tackle any marketing or technical challenges our clients throw our way.”

A Growing Company Founded on Call Tracking and Attribution

Offering CTM’s platform as a white label service has allowed Callbox to grow dramatically in Israel, its homebase, where Gershon and his team continue to elevate company brands through customized call tracking and attribution solutions using each tools as it develops and changes – Google Ads, Universal Analytics, GA4, AskAI, and more. 

Not only that, but CallTrackingMetrics still offers exactly what Gershon was looking for in the first place – a way to connect incoming phone calls to the ads that drive them.

In addition to accurate call tracking and ad attribution, scalability and customization are very crucial to Callbox’s customer offers. 

After all, according to Gershon, “CallTrackingMetrics can be something very simple, something that you use to track your Google Ads, spend, and so on, but we go a lot farther than that.” The real bread-and-butter for Callbox is customization. “We integrate with the client’s system…and we do a lot of custom lambda codes and integrations.”

CTM’s customizability is something that helps Callbox continue thriving in an ever-changing industry. Some of CTM’s top resources for tech and development-focused customers include: 

These opportunities to learn and grow technical knowledge and further customize its offerings have yielded steady growth and success for Callbox, making it a local business leader and valued CTM partner.

Results: 20% Reduction in Cost Per Acquisition

Callbox now offers call tracking and attribution solutions to partners worldwide and runs the configurations behind some of the biggest companies and household names across Israel and the U.S. Since adopting and reselling CTM, they’re able to offer customers clear insight into their own clients’ journeys. 

They can easily tie key results through CTM back to a customer’s digital marketing channels, and business intelligence and analytics tools. Gershon considers it an “agnostic” software – if you can think of a use for it, you can configure it and sell it. 

When it comes to clients with CRM systems, any client with a two-way integration can see which ad clicks are directly assigned to a sale. As a result, Callbox has seen an average 20%  reduction in CPA (cost-per-acquisition) across multiple clients and verticals along with increased growth in the volume of conversions. 

Every phone call logged in CTM is connected to its driving ad (not to mention all other online and offline leads as well) so Callbox can track which campaigns are performing well and which campaigns need to be adjusted or retired. 

The built-in automatic CPA optimization is a huge selling point for Callbox. 

“This is where we get the biggest impact. We can show improvement really fast, when all of the sudden clients can have all their KPIs reported back to their paid media and all they have to do is click a button and switch on their CPA optimization,” says Gershon.  “Then they see a 20% decrease in price-per-KPI. And it’s huge, some people spend half a million, one million dollars a month on ad spend. It’s a big difference!”

Picture of a city in Israel with telephone graphics to represent call tracking

Says Gershon, “I don’t know how anyone can claim they measure their inbound digital campaigns without using CTM.” 

Just over ten years after starting with CTM, Callbox is a thriving Agency Partner serving over 400 clients with the CTM platform. They have seen the quality of their leads steadily increase while continuing to scale, without overspending on advertising or acquisition. 

Interested in seeing a 20% drop in your own CPA? Book a demo to find out how CallTrackingMetrics can get you there.