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Deliver Exceptional Patient Care and Empower Your Workforce

Healthcare organizations from hospitals and dental practices to behavioral healthcare benefit from HIPAA-compliant AI-powered automation and conversational intelligence tools. These tools help healthcare workers provide prompt, secure, personalized patient care and maximize employee bandwidth by automating tedious tasks, freeing them up to focus on more complex, urgent needs.

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Top 4 Benefits of Call Tracking for Healthcare Organizations

Our most popular conversation intelligence tools include:


Create a Patient-Centered Experience

Thoughtful, personalized, and timely HIPAA-compliant communications

Healthcare agents know important details about the caller before the conversation even begins. AI-powered tools derive key insights, as well as vital information, including sentiment and intent data; specific medical services or procedures they’re seeking; what type of insurance they have, their nearest location; if they’ve reached out before; the outcome of previous interactions, and more.

Our most popular automation tools include:


Connect Quickly, Effectively, and Securely

Deliver effective and secure HIPAA and HITECH compliant communications 

The effects of healthcare worker shortages can be felt by patients–and workers– every day. Endless transfers, leaving voicemails and waiting days to get a callback can not only be frustrating but sometimes life-threatening.  AI-powered automation tools remove these obstacles, making it easier to connect with patients and ensuring all your communications are HIPAA-compliant so you can protect your patients–and your organization.

Our most popular coaching tools include


Real-time Agent Coaching and Training

Coach and train agents for optimal performance and outcomes

Coach your agents in real-time, help them in the midst of difficult conversations, provide training for new employees based on actual patient interactions, and discover which agents are the most successful so you can replicate their results across teams and locations.

Our most popular optimization tools include:


Reach More Patients and Maximize Your Budget

Optimize the right messages, ads, and campaigns

Conversation intelligence tools enable teams to get first-hand insight into their target audience and the performance of all campaigns. Discover which questions callers are asking most, what messaging gets their attention, and which ads are prompting them to take action. Then automatically apply these insights across your marketing efforts to reach more patients, invest in the campaigns working, and stop wasting money on those that aren’t.

What Our Customers Are Saying One set of quotation marks.

“CTM has quickly become the backbone of my marketing and reporting efforts.”

-Conscious Health Connections

“The training tools ensure we’re able to provide a better overall experience for clients, caregivers, and prospects.”

Ron Patterson, Vice President of Marketing and IT Griswold Home Care

““CallTrackingMetrics has improved our workflow in a way that allows us to give each potential member of our program the attention to detail they deserve when going through some of the hardest times of their life.”

-Sean Garcia, Director of Business & Marketing at Discovery Institute

“CTM is the best in the business…I will never take a job as a director unless we use CTM I have been doing this for 30 years, I have tried others several times and would need 2 other call tracking systems to get the data you get with just CTM.”

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