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Transcriptions and Keyword Spotting: Make the Most of Speech Analysis

by CallTrackingMetrics

Transcriptions and keyword spotting are powerful tools that harness the technology of speech analytics to help you make the most of your call recordings. When call transcriptions are enabled, our transcription service will analyze recordings of your phone calls to create a text script organized by speaker.

Call Transcription

This can be a great tool for reviewing calls quickly, letting you scan your calls by simply clicking on them and checking the scripts.  Looking for a call in your log, but can’t remember the caller’s name?  Try searching for a word or phrase that was mentioned during the call instead. You can also have transcriptions included in your email notifications so that you can get an overview of how your calls are going without ever having to log in to your account.

Transcriptions also have a secret super-power: they enable our keyword spotting service, which offers you the ability to automate the process of tagging, scoring, and converting your calls. It can even send email or text notifications for you. Customize your keyword spotting preference to scan for important terms or phrases and label your calls, so you can spot patterns and important information in your calls with just a glance at your call log. 

If you’re a manager reviewing support calls, transcriptions and keyword spotting will become your new favorite assistant. Set the tool to scan your calls for important qualifiers like “angry,” “upset,” or “refund” so problem calls are flagged instantly. Filter your call log for those tags so you can immediately review the calls that most need your attention. Keyword spotting is great for positive feedback, too!  Scan your calls for “happy,” “great,” or “awesome,” and the keyword spotting tool can automatically score successful calls with five stars.

keyword spotting

Get a head start on leads you need to call back by using keyword spotting in conjunction with our built-in voicemail system. Set your keyword spotting tool to scan voicemail recordings for product or service names, names of agents at your organization they may be trying to reach, or other useful terms like “appointment” or “quote.” When you review those missed calls in your call log, you’ll know from the labels on the call what the customer mentioned in the message. Pull reports based on product tags to see which products your customers ask about the most.

Keyword spotting rules are also a great way to automate maintenance in your call log. Keep track of calls that hit your voice mail system by having the keyword spotting listen for common voice mail phrases like “missed your call” or “no one is available,” then label calls that went to voice mail for you.

Tired of pulling up a call recording only to discover it was a wrong number? Keyword spotting can automatically tag and hide calls with “wrong number” keywords so you never have to see them. Those excluded calls are automatically removed from your reporting, so you can be confident that your reports are focused on real, valuable calls.

Visit our support pages to get started with transcriptions and keyword spotting and start making the most of every call.