Surface New Insights with AI & Conversation Intelligence

Quit the guesswork. Call analysis to uncover what your customers really want.

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Automated Call Intelligence for Smarter Sales Coaching

Generate insights from sales calls to close deals faster

Conversation intelligence aligns sales and marketing teams around the voice of the customer. Listen to call recordings, read call transcriptions, or let AI do the hard work for you. Our AI call analysis tools get to the heart of your conversations faster, giving you more time to dig in and make the data-driven choices needed to hit aggressive revenue goals.

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Find new opportunities

Explore what your most valuable customers have in common to go find more of them across your advertising channels.

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Remove roadblocks

Discover what’s preventing your leads from making a purchase and proactively address concerns to fuel your sales pipeline.

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Coaching in real-time

Never miss an opportunity with coaching tools to improve performance mid-conversation, including whispers, call scripts, and AI insights.

Artificial intelligence meets conversation intelligence

Simple customizable prompts unlock previously hidden insights, pulled directly from transcriptions. Apply accurate sentiment analysis to calls, identify your ideal audience faster, and weed out low-quality conversations without wasting resources.

Call intelligence from transcriptions & recordings

Whether it’s your team or AI doing the work, there’s nothing better than actually listening to your customers to find new opportunities. Use their own words to deliver a better experience, train your team, and trigger personalized follow up.

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Call scoring to measure the quality of your leads

Automatically tag and score calls to give both sales and marketing teams a way to report on their success beyond simple volume metrics. Whether the goal is lead scoring or team performance, our conversation intelligence tools have you covered.

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Give your team the opportunity to succeed, learn, and grow

Dynamic scripts and pre-call data set you up for success while live listening tools allow for real-time help during sales calls. Then run back through recordings to prep for the next sales call like a quarterback going through game film.

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Software Reviews Champion Badge 2024

Software Reviews: Conversation Intelligence Champions Three Years in a Row

Recognized not only for the strength of our call analytics features, but for creating real value for users, who happen to love using CallTrackingMetrics.

Creative Ways to use Conversation Intelligence

The breadth of our software’s features gives you the flexibility to create strategies unique to the way your team works. We don’t prescribe one size fits all solutions. Our conversation intelligence tools allow your team to leverage the creativity and experience of your strategists with the scalability of AI and automation.

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Use AskAI to tag and segment conversations by upgrade opportunities

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Score your calls with AI and send them as conversions directly to Google Ads

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Trigger an immediate follow up during business hours for sales calls sent to voicemail

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Escalate calls that go off script to a contact center manager for sales coaching

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