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Drive more great leads and automate your pipeline to increase conversions 

Call tracking is a must for automotive businesses to stay competitive. But to outmaneuver your competition, you need to know exactly what’s making your phone ring and adopt smart, AI-powered solutions to engage with these callers quickly, deliver exceptional experiences, and close more deals.

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Top 4 Ways Automotive Agencies, Dealers, Franchises, and Service Retailers Use CTM 

Our most popular Conversation Intelligence tools include


Advanced Conversation Intelligence

Unlock valuable intel and understand your ideal customers better

Your customer’s conversations are gold mine of insights. Whether a Zoom meeting, phone call, text or chat, conversation intelligence tools (with AI built-in) sort, categorize, and summarize insights at scale. Paired with triggers, next steps are automated, like sending a text appointment confirmation or alerting a sales manager if an angry sentiment is detected or a specific keyword is spoken.

Our most popular Lead Management and Automation toolsinclude:


Automated Lead Management 

Connect faster and deliver better customer experiences at scale

Make it easy for customers to connect with you on any platform they choose, 24/7. Whether by phone call, text, or chat, or form, AI-powered tools connect your customer with the agent (or virtual agent) best suited to meet their needs. Agents get detailed caller information so they can personalize the conversation and increase conversions. You’ll never miss another call and no more opportunities will slip through the cracks. 

Our most popular Agent Coaching and Training tools include:

  • Live Listen and whispers
  • Barge and end call options
  • Agent insights and scripts
  • AskAI
  • Recordings and transcriptions
  • Call Scoring and tagging
  • Sentiment detection
  • Advanced Zoom integration 


Live Listen, Whispers, and Agent Insights 

Unlock the full potential of every location, agent, and conversation

Insights from customer conversations help transform your sales team from ho-hum to WOW! AI-powered tools make it fast and easy to get the most important information from conversations and act on it in real time. Discover what your most successful agents are doing, then train all employees on these best practices.


Our most popular Marketing Attribution tools include


Closed-Loop Marketing Attribution

Empower your marketing strategy with all of the right data

Are you getting the complete attribution picture for all of your marketing efforts? Automotive call tracking unlocks total visibility into your marketing efforts–both online and offline– so you know which campaigns, ads, channels, and keywords drive the best leads and result in the most valuable conversions. Don’t waste another penny on marketing efforts that don’t work. Instead, maximize the ones that do.  

What Our Customers Are Saying One set of quotation marks.

“Our clients have been amazed that we’re able to report on source information for all of their calls   or share stats around how many CSRs did a call ring to, where did the call get dropped, how many calls went to voicemail during their business hours, for example. We’ve now come up with our own product set-up that we recommend for customers and we use that to help improve performance for a team by tracking all of this data.”

Christin Nein, Director of Product Management, Coalmarch

“We’ve been able to attribute a conversion rate close to 85% in terms of booking appointments — far above the industry average of 50% and below.”

-Jon Ostenson, Co-founder and CEO, 10Xfive

“In the span of a month, CTM helped my client generate as many leads as they had collected over the entire previous year. Proper tracking and accurate insights dramatically increased their lead generation volume, and they were off and running.”

-Alistar Wilson, Compound

“CTM has quickly become the backbone of my marketing and reporting efforts.”

-Conscious Health Connections

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