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Track Zoom calls and improve team performance with real-time reporting and analysis

Get better tracking on more platforms with Zoom + CTM

Use Zoom calls for improved tracking, analysis, and team performance in meetings, webinars, and events.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is the number one video conferencing platform used by companies for audio and video meetings with features that include screen sharing, recording, chat, and more.

How does the Zoom + CTM integration benefit my business?

CTM’s Zoom integration offers you another way to intelligently track and analyze key metrics around campaign performance and agent productivity. Zoom calls are tracked right alongside phone calls, chats, text, and forms in our real-time dashboard. You can tag, score, and use keyword spotting to analyze the effectiveness of meetings with customers, employees, or vendors.

To amp up the power of this integration, you can pair it with CTM’s AskAI for even more conversation intelligence and business insights. Summarize Zoom calls and automatically mine them for insights based on your top priorities. You can use preset questions to find out if the call accomplished what you were hoping or why it fell short.

Bonus? Your team will never need to take notes on a Zoom call again – they can focus solely on the meeting at hand.

Our Zoom integration is also a great tool for improving agent productivity and tracking team activities via our real-time Agent Dashboard. You can get a full and transparent picture of how agents are dividing their day among Zoom calls, webinars, and events, in addition to time spent on calls, meetings, and chats on other platforms. With more data, you can benefit from broader tracking, improved agent productivity, and better campaign results.

How does the Zoom + CTM integration work? 

CTM’s Zoom integration allows you to: 

  • Get real-time data on your meetings, events, webinars, and agent participation
  • Collect more actionable insights by adding AskAI-powered transcriptions, analysis, and scoring
  • Focus deeply on meetings instead of taking notes with automatic transcriptions and summaries
  • Log Zoom activities alongside ads, forms, calls, etc.
  • Access instant user mapping connecting CTM and Zoom
  • Access Zoom video recordings from your activity log
  • Store Zoom activities in your CTM account automatically
  • Improve team performance with a real-time Agent Dashboard

This integration is currently available for users on our Sales Engage and Enterprise plans with a Zoom Administrator Account.