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Our Integration With Zoom Brings You Better Tracking On More Platforms

by CallTrackingMetrics

Since 2020, videoconference tech has been dominated by a single industry name: Zoom. 

Phrases like, “Let’s jump on Zoom” or “You’re on mute” are ubiquitous with today’s work-from-home life and daily video communications. Even as companies explore return-to-office and hybrid workplaces, many experts agree that remote work is here to stay一and so is videoconferencing. 

That is why CallTrackingMetrics is thrilled to announce its brand-new Zoom integration. Now, CTM and Zoom users will be able to track and analyze key metrics around campaign performance and agent productivity. Improved analytics is a great way to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, provide clear goals for your call agents, and satisfy your customers. 

Our New Zoom Integration Will Improve Agent Productivity and Performance

CallTrackingMetrics and Zoom integration tracking video calls

One of the key features of our new CTM/Zoom integration is our real-time Agent Dashboard. This dashboard will provide managers with greater insight into their agents’ activities. Not only will managers now be able to evaluate an agent’s time on calls, chat support, and breaks, but they will also be able to see when and for how long their agents are logged on to Zoom meetings and events. Additionally, after you’ve connected your CTM and Zoom accounts all your listed users will automatically be mapped in CTM, or you can choose to map your user accounts manually.

All these new Zoom activities will be labeled “Video” in your activity logs. By getting a full picture of an agent’s activities, managers will be able to make more informed decisions and improve evaluation accuracy in team performance and productivity. 

If you run a call center, helping your sales and support agents perform their best is crucial for customer satisfaction, employee retention, and your business’s bottom line. Logging and reporting Zoom activity is one way to help call center managers in particular keep things running smoothly by having a full, clear picture of call and meeting activity.

Learn more with CTM’s free guide, Driving Success in Your Call Center, to learn about key tools for improving your agents’ performance and productivity, and how best to use them.

How Does the CTM and Zoom Integration Work?

CallTrackingMetrics activity log with video calls

In order to access CTM’s new Zoom integration, you must have a Zoom Administrator account and an account admin designation on your CTM profile. 

Just like adding any new tracking number to your CTM account, you will assign a new or existing tracking number to each Zoom activity. Later, when you see your call log and reports, this is the number that will be attributed to the Zoom meeting, webinar, or other events. Tracking Zoom activity will feel no different than tracking activity from ads, forms, or calls.

An added benefit of our Zoom integration is easy access to your video recordings. As the meeting host, you can simply click the video icon to the left of the Contact column. If the recording was successful, you’ll be able to access it instantly. 

CTM will access and log a lot of information that you will then be able to easily locate. All webinar and meeting activities will be logged; user information will be stored via mappings; video and recording links will be saved; and CTM will store all your Zoom account information. 

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