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The competition for clients in the legal space is fierce, keywords are expensive, and it can be challenging to connect with the right audience at the right time. AI-powered conversation intelligence, marketing attribution, and marketing automation tools help you connect with clients and cases that are the best fit for your practice and deliver an exceptional experience. 

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Top 5 Ways Legal Services Uses CallTrackingMetrics

Our most popular attribution tools include: 


Identify Which Ads Drive the Most Valuable Cases

Call tracking gives you the source of every call, text, and form

When there’s a lot at stake (like in the competitive legal industry) it’s essential to use call tracking with dynamic number insertion (DNI) to get full attribution and pinpoint exactly which ads are driving high-value calls–and which aren’t.

Call tracking completes your attribution picture giving you the essential data to make strategic decisions. Advanced integrations, like Google Ads and Facebook,  sends data back to your ad channels which then automatically optimize based on the best performing ads to reduce wasted ad spend on keywords not working and automatically optimizes ones delivering the best clients. 


Our most popular routing tools include: 

  • AskAI powered by ChatGPT
  • Recordings and transcriptions
  • Activity scoring and tagging
  • Sentiment and intent analysis
  • Keyword spotting


Connect with the Right Clients and the Right Cases-Fast

Insights to understand your target audience better

Not everyone who calls is a good fit for your services. AI-powered tools reveal first-hand insights into every call, text, chat, or form completion and deliver immediate, concise conversation summaries so you can identify the leads who turn into the best clients and target them with more precision.

Trends in your target audience’s behavior can be detected by data analysis over time so you can adjust messages and ad spend to connect with more best-fit clients while fine-tuning your target personas.

Our most popular lead management tools include: 


Manage Leads Seamlessly and Effectively

Connect with clients faster and keep your sales pipeline full

Lead management tools streamline processes and align communications across departments so clients have a better experience and convert sooner. Internal teams are better aligned and get the support they need to perform at their very best.

Our most popular workflow tools include:

  • FormReactor®
  • GeoContact
  • Smart Router
  • IVR customizable menus
  • AskAI powered by ChatGPT
  • Phone number options (local, toll-free, vanity to use with DNI)
  • Bulk number purchase


Automate Workflows for Exceptional Client Experiences

Unlock the power of effective communication and transform your client’s experience

Clients want to be able to connect with you quickly, often after normal business hours or when all of your agents are busy. Using tools powered by AI, you can get callers to the right agent promptly or trigger an instant call back. These tools also provide support by performing tasks like scheduling appointments, securing retainers, or answering basic questions.

Our most popular legal services integrations include: 

  • Filevine
  • Lead Docket
  • Litify
  • 4iiz


Turnkey integrations connect your favorite tech stack

No-code, low-code integrations and open API developers love

Most marketers and sales professionals have software they rely on every day. It’s critical to be able to quickly and effectively integrate these tools into any new software platform. Our integrations make it simple to keep the tools you love but make them even better.

What Our Customers Are Saying One set of quotation marks.

“The customizations we’re able to do with CallTrackingMetrics is something we’ve not seen with other vendors. “

-Brandon Caballero, Analytics Director, Hennessey Digital

“Using CallTrackingMetrics has allowed our team to better optimize our campaigns to improve Return on Ad Spend and appeal better to our client’s needs. The setup is seamless and the integration with Google Analytics makes CTM an easy choice as our preferred Call and Phone Conversion Tracking Solution.”

-Kenny Eisinger, Net Conversion

“We’ve been able to attribute a conversion rate close to 85% in terms of booking appointments — far above the industry average of 50% and below.”

–  Jon Ostenson, Co-founder and CEO, 10Xfive

“CTM is the best in the business…I will never take a job as a director unless we use CTM I have been doing this for 30 years, I have tried others several times and would need 2 other call tracking systems to get the data you get with just CTM.”

G2 Review from Geoff H.

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