Surfacing New Insights with Conversation Analytics

Truly listen and remove the guesswork to understanding what your customers really want

Automated Conversation Analytics

Gain Valuable Consumer Insights Without Lifting a Finger

Easily put the pieces together to complete the whole customer journey. Connect marketing, sales, and customer service to the conversations your customers and prospects are having. And more importantly, automatically detect patterns, score leads, and discover coaching opportunities with built-in tools.

Find New Opportunities

Explore what your most valuable customers have in common and find similar audiences across your advertising channels.

Remove Roadblocks

Discover what’s preventing your leads from making a purchase and proactively address concerns to fuel your sales pipeline.

Learn in Real Time

Never miss an opportunity with coaching tools to improve performance mid-conversation, including live whispers and dynamic call scripts.

What is Conversation Intelligence?

It’s the process of analyzing spoken words to identify patterns, signals, and actionable insights for marketing and sales teams.

Transcriptions and Call Recordings

Invaluable First-party data with Endless Opportunities

With call recordings and transcriptions, you can go back and learn from customer interactions at any time. And with dual channel recording, you can easily review only the side of the conversation that matters to your analysis.

Automatically Identify the Core Context of Your Conversations

Build strategies and automated workflows around spoken words and phrases, pulled directly from transcriptions. Apply accurate sentiment analysis to calls, identify your ideal audience faster, and weed out low-quality conversations without wasting resources.

Add a Measure of Quality to Your Leads

Scoring your leads gives you a chance to complete your closed-loop attribution. The scores from your sales team inform the decisions made by marketing–no longer relying on the quantity of leads alone to optimize campaigns.

Give Your Team the Best Opportunity to Succeed, Learn, and Grow

Dynamic scripts and pre-call data set you up for success. But, having live listening tools gives you somewhere to turn when the need for extra help arises. Have a manager feed you answers, or even take over a call.

Creative Ways to use Conversation Intelligence

The breadth of our features gives you the flexibility to create strategies and workflows in ways that are unique to the way your team works. We don’t prescribe one-size-fits-all solutions. Our conversation intelligence tools allow your team to leverage the creativity and experience of your strategists.

Use Tags to Segment Conversations by Products Mentioned

Score Your Calls and Send Them as Conversions Directly to Google Ads

Trigger an Immediate Follow Up During Business Hours for a Missed Call

Escalate a Call to a Manager after Flagging for Extremely Negative Sentiment

Take the First Step to Truly Understanding Your Ideal Customer

Explore our conversation analytics features.