Your Digits, Your Way 

Global, customizable phone numbers including toll-free and local numbers, vanity numbers, and short codes. When it comes to numbers, we’ve got you covered. 

What is a Tracking Number?

A tracking number is a unique number assigned to your online or offline advertising campaigns. When someone uses it, you’ll immediately know the advertising source. 

First-hand Insight and Data

Tracking Numbers Unlock Details of Every Customer Interaction 

Get real-time insight into which ad source your caller viewed and instantly know who they are and their history with your business. Our sophisticated dynamic number insertion (DNI) leverages tracking numbers that are automatically swapped on your website to connect session data to offline calls and texts.

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Porting Numbers

Easily bring your existing numbers into CTM and start tracking data, recording calls, and leveraging conversation intelligence tools.

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Phone Number Options

Choose from a variety of tracking number types, including vanity numbers, local and toll-free numbers, and short codes.

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Number Capabilities

Phone numbers in CallTrackingMetrics are made for more than calling. Easily find SMS text, HIPAA, and fax-enabled numbers.

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Ron Patterson, Vice President of Marketing and IT

“As soon as a call came in on a tracking number, we could associate it with a marketing activity and, from there, start the process of analyzing how many unique calls we were getting and how that sales activity translated to our overall growth.

Phone Number Porting FAQs

Our dedicated number management team’s first priority is to make sure you’re connected to the phone numbers you want. They’re here to worry about phone numbers so you don’t have to.

How much does porting a number cost?

It’s completely free to port your numbers to CallTrackingMetrics or away if you decide to leave. Whether you have two numbers or 200, porting your numbers is simple and free.

Can I bring my own numbers?

Yes, you can port your numbers away from your current call tracking company or phone carrier and into CallTrackingMetrics. This way you can continue to use numbers you’ve had for a long time and any customers who have saved those numbers can still easily get in touch.

Do I own the numbers I buy in CTM?

The numbers you buy, or port, into CTM are yours to keep. If you decide to leave at any point, you can take these numbers with you.

How long does the porting process take?

This simple process only takes about two to four weeks and is available across the United States and in 25 countries. We provide you an exact port over date and your numbers can stay active during the entire process.

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Where Will Your Numbers Take You? 

Whether it’s national, local, or international appeal, CTM’s variety of phone number options in more than 80 countries has you covered.

See for Yourself How We Put Phone Numbers to Work to Generate Actionable Conversation Analytics with a Guided Tour of Our Software