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Consistently Prove ROI and Drive Revenue for Your Clients 

Marketing Agencies can scale with ease and wow current clients with full attribution, automation, and lead management tools built to grow with your organization. These tools help marketers consistently maximize ad spend, lower cost per acquisition, and increase conversions. 

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Top 5 Ways Marketing Agencies Use CTM

Our most popular attribution tools include:

01. Closed-loop attribution

Deliver keyword-level attribution and uncover customer sentiment

Connect your clients’ phone calls and texts with which campaign drove it when you use call tracking as part of your attribution strategy. Utilizing marketing attribution and automation tools, the trail won’t go cold when someone picks up the phone so you can show a more precise ROI for your marketing efforts. 

Our most popular sentiment and intent tools include:

02. Customer Sentiment and Intent

Understand at a glance the sentiment of callers and automatically trigger next steps

AI-powered tools help agencies and the clients they serve to instantly get the most important information from prospect and customer conversations. This information pairs with automation tools to trigger next steps and gives teams firsthand insight into their ideal customer and what makes them act. 

Our most popular lead management tools include:

  • Smart Router
  • Smart Dialer
  • Softphone
  • FormReactor®


04. Instantly Identify High-Value Leads

Quickly and effectively manage leads to drive more revenue

Automatically score activities and generate customized next steps like follow-up calls and texts. Agencies can easily replicate their unique process across all accounts with one click to deliver more results for clients. 

Our most popular Agency Partner benefits include:

  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • Referral incentives
  • Partnership directory listing
  • Partner portal access
  • Exclusive Beta invites
  • Usage volume discounts

05. Grow Your Visibility

Have your voice be heard, expand your reach, and influence the direction of CTM

Engage in exclusive opportunities to drive brand awareness and grow your agency. From co-marketing opportunities to exclusive VIP webinar invites and focus groups, agencies get even more with our Agency Partner Program–one of the most rewarding in the industry. 

What Our Customers Are Saying One set of quotation marks.

“We’ve been able to attribute a conversion rate close to 85% in terms of booking appointments — far above the industry average of 50% and below.”

Jon Ostenson, Co-founder and CEO, 10Xfive

“I often tell our clients that marketing without call tracking isn’t much different than gambling. If you don’t know what works and what doesn’t, achieving sustainable success in marketing is highly unlikely.”

-John Thornton, CEO, Black Propellor

“In the span of a month, CTM helped my client generate as many leads as they had collected over the entire previous year. Proper tracking and accurate insights dramatically increased their lead generation volume, and they were off and running.”

Alistar Wilson, Compound

“Using CallTrackingMetrics has allowed our team to better optimize our campaigns to improve Return on Ad Spend and appeal better to our client’s needs. The setup is seamless and the integration with Google Analytics makes CTM an easy choice as our preferred Call and Phone Conversion Tracking Solution.”

-Kenny Eisinger, Net Conversion


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