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How CallTrackingMetrics lowered our client’s acquisition costs by 600%

by CallTrackingMetrics

Featured Guest Post by: Eyal Gershon

Before CTM: Guesswork and Experimentation

Prior to learning about CallTrackingMetrics, we operated our marketing firm with a lot of guesswork and experimentation. In order to improve our marketing efforts, we were hoping to attribute phone calls to web clicks. Then, we wanted to be able to attribute the sales our phone calls generated back to those original clicks. This way, we could measure the price of each phone call, and the true cost of our sales.

The Power of Information

Since discovering CallTrackingMetrics, we have definitely accomplished that objective. In fact, we’ve now pivoted the focus of our company to offer this software to over 400 clients! Of course, we love the technology, but the most amazing feature so far has been the incredible support we’ve gotten from the CallTrackingMetrics team.

Since we have so many clients using CallTrackingMetrics software, the aspects we rely on the most are the Google Analytics and Adwords integrations, and Webhooks, which allow us to integrate into any third party application. I can say that our clients have seen an average of around 30% decrease in the price of calls that originate from paid media.

In fact, one of our clients has reported that their acquisition costs were lowered by 600% after implementing this software! That savings was a direct result of reporting their sales back to CallTrackingMetrics, which in turn sent the data back to Google Analytics and Adwords. That valuable data gave our client the chance to improve their marketing efforts, and resulted in such a dramatic cost decrease.

Their Advice?

Since there is no long term commitment, with the right setup, we’re confident that any client would see the value of CallTrackingMetrics within two weeks. Not only will they most likely lower their acquisition costs, but they’ll also be empowered with the ability to control their phone system via an easy web interface.

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CallTrackingMetrics has found that overseas agencies and technology companies are perfectly poised to take our call tracking platform and customize it to the local needs of their particular market. Callbox, a marketing technology firm in Israel, has enjoyed tremendous growth through their localized, white glove approach to serving their clients. In addition to being exports in call tracking, Callbox has more than 10 years of experience in both marketing and development serving over 500 clients from all over the world.

This extensive experience in the industry and local knowledge of the markets they are in enables Callbox to provide clients with premium 24/7 hands on support as well as customized call tracking implementations and integrations.