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Call Tracking and Marketing Attribution Win Big in the Home Services Industry

by CallTrackingMetrics

For Leadhub, a home services marketing agency and longtime CTM customer, supporting their many clients in the home services industry requires a comprehensive and affordable system of call routing, tracking, and attribution. With shorter busy seasons and emergency services commonplace, responsiveness and robust data are absolutely crucial to these businesses’ year-round success. 

Call tracking and attribution are of particular importance because not only do home service industries face the standard marketing challenge–getting in front of the customer, achieving a first-page ranking, etc.–but additional pressure is placed on either being the first business called or the first one to call back, especially when a caller is facing an emergency situation. 

According to a business response time study conducted by the Harvard Business Review, only 37% of businesses reached back out to callers within 60 minutes, and 24% took an entire 24 hours to call back. The remaining percentage missed out on potential business opportunities, with 23% never calling a lead back at all. In the home services industry, these statistics could be detrimental to business.

Hand holding stop watch with stat that says "Only 37% of businesses reach out to callers within 60 minutes"

In order to provide excellent call tracking and attribution suitable for all types of home service businesses, Leadhub needed a dynamic software solution capable of helping these companies not only weather the highs and lows of a seasonal business, but also gain crucial insights into the actionability of their clients’ websites, ad spend effectiveness and call system responsiveness. 

The Search for Software

When looking for a new call tracking and attribution solution, it was important to Aaron Watters, Leadhub’s CEO and founder, to find a “one-stop-shop” software that was easy to use and train Leadhub’s growing team on. 

Though his business partner at the time was attached to their Marchex system, Aaron was determined to find an alternative more suited to Leadhub’s future. 

“Their dashboard was clunky and porting numbers in and out was really time-consuming,” says Aaron. “I was specifically looking for a more dynamic platform that we can use for our paid mediums, and to utilize the tracking sources for better call attribution.” 

In particular, being able to track and use JavaScript insertion “was a game-changer.” 

On the client-side, the company was looking for a solution that could easily “layer up” by seamlessly integrating with most businesses’ CRMs.  Leadhub’s software needs were broad but relatively simple:

  1. Dependable call and routing quality
  2. Integration capabilities
  3. Real-time tracking and attribution
  4. Affordability

Leadhub's needs

CallTrackingMetrics seemed to fit the bill. Though call tracking and attribution can be complex processes in themselves, Aaron found that CTM’s “ease of use” has been a major factor in Leadhub’s longevity as a CTM customer and advocate. Though setting up a new software can present its challenges, data analysis and reporting have proven easier with the CTM system.  

“CTM has a lot of integrations,” he reflected “ I don’t think the dashboard is overcomplicated. It’s not all graphs and charts, it’s real-time data.” 

Ready, Set, Call

On the customer-facing side, Leadhub uses this data to streamline processes for customers by focusing on actionable user experiences on the web.

“Simplicity is key,” he says. “How simple can you make it to book a call?”

In fact, Leadhub even decided to opt out of chatbot usage in pursuit of a single goal: To shorten a potential customer’s time between landing on the website and booking services. This strategic choice places real emphasis on phone calls to businesses in the home services industry. 

This emphasis means that when a home or business owner is facing a leaky roof, busted plumbing, a fallen tree, or one of a number of time-sensitive issues, Leadhub’s client home service companies are the ones a customer can easily and swiftly locate on the web, call, and schedule repairs. CTM’s call attribution abilities also empower Leadhub to track and optimize crucial pieces of marketing for their clients outside of the homepage, such as the effectiveness of their Google Ads.

This approach, based on simplicity and quality, seems to be working for Leadhub, whose positive effect on its home services clients is growing measurably. Since taking on one of its clients, Window World TX, Leadhub successfully grew Window World’s conversion by 103%, with an 88% increase in page-one rankings. 

Driving calls, simple as it is, is a powerful revenue generator.

Troubleshooting with CTM

On a daily level, Leadhub leverages CTM’s call attribution and real-time data availability to help clients troubleshoot things like low call volume and poor response time. Leadhub is able to pinpoint any issues clients have when they experience a slow day or week. 

“We’re able to quickly dive in and diagnose where the issues live,” explains Aaron. 

In the home services industry, speed of troubleshooting is essential during busy months. Issues with call routing and dips in volume have the potential to derail revenue and growth for the year, which is why dependable software and a well-trained team are especially important. 

For example, the Leadhub team was able to dive in and help an upset client with just a little detective work. 

“A client was frustrated with low call volume and noted we were ‘wasting their money on ads.’ We were able to view their call volume and quickly identify that the client had their main line going directly to voicemail. 

After resolving that issue their call volume picked back up and lead flow returned to normal. While this may not seem like a large problem to have solved, having the clarity of call tracking allows us to diffuse potential fractures of trust. In turn, we are able to BUILD trust as we grow with our clients.” -Aaron Watters, Leadhub CEO

Insights from CTM “help align teams according to clients’ needs,” says Aaron, and a client-focused approach is always a win.

Leadhub + CallTrackingMetrics

Adopting CTM has helped Leadhub’s team grow from six to twenty-six as they’ve worked to optimize the websites, ad campaigns, and digital services of home services companies across the United States. Every team member at Leadhub is trained and comfortable using CTM for data and ad campaign work, from copywriters to developers and account services representatives.

Quote from Aaron Watters from Leadhub

The ability to integrate CTM’s software with a variety of CRMs, quickly troubleshoot caller issues, provide advanced routing, dependable call quality, and more helps their customers achieve better ROI from their websites, ad campaigns, and call services. By partnering and using CTM, Leadhub is able to offer clients up-to-date call tracking and marketing attribution at a granular level year-round, filling in the data gaps many businesses experience when seeking out new customers.  

We get unbiased data on client interactions,” says Aaron, providing clarity on both processes and results.