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How CallTrackingMetrics Supports This Agency’s Closed-Loop Marketing Efforts

by CallTrackingMetrics

Coalmarch, a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in the home service industry, including pest control, lawn care, and HVAC, came to CallTrackingMetrics looking not just for a phone solution for their clients, but a way to know the exact value of a phone call they generated to help quantify ad spend and determine which channels were driving revenue.

Triangle Pest Control was one of the first clients to start using CallTrackingMetrics as their phone system in addition to the tracking features. This immediately became a natural extension of Coalmarch’s marketing platform for clients because they were able to use CTM to track multiple key data points, such as how many calls were coming from a client’s website, as well as other metrics around the length and quality of the conversations generated.

“Our clients have been amazed that we’re able to report on source information for all of their calls, or share stats around how many CSRs did a call ring to, where did the call get dropped, how many calls went to voicemail during their business hours, for example,” shared Christin Nein, Director of Product Management for Coalmarch. “We’ve now come up with our own product set-up that we recommend for customers and we use that to help improve performance for a team by tracking all of this data.” She added, “The majority of our customers don’t operate huge call centers; they may have two or three sales representatives at a time. We knew there were features that CTM offered that we could leverage to help them improve their sales team’s performance.”

One of the tools that has been particularly helpful—especially in the current remote work environment many companies now face as a result of the coronavirus pandemic—is the ability to have insight into what agents are working on using CTM’s Real Time Agent Dashboard.

“Especially for smaller companies that are growing, managers are finding that they get more and more disconnected from their call center or sales team the bigger it gets. But with the dashboard, they can be in a separate location from their employees and still know their phones are ringing, their people are answering calls, and they’re having quality conversations with customers. That data allows them to make important business decisions around hiring needs or how to plan for capacity for their teams so they know whether their CSRs aren’t busy enough or are so busy that their calls are going to voicemail.”

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Diving Into Lead Quality

If understanding how your phone calls are being generated and managed is the first piece of the puzzle, the next is knowing which channels are contributing to higher quality leads—and which aren’t. Jess Majeski, Senior Platform Manager at Coalmarch, shared, “The biggest thing with our clients is that they care about the quality of their leads a lot. With our normal marketing efforts, within certain parameters we’re deciding what qualifies as a lead, but with CTM, we’re giving our clients the power to say what is really a lead, and what’s not a lead. They get to choose.”

CallTrackingMetrics gives us the ability to have even more accurate reporting with our clients and to align ourselves around what truly defines success for their business.

Nein echoed this sentiment, adding, “Deciding what counts as a lead would sometimes be a point of contention with clients in the past, since we might consider any call greater than, say, sixty seconds who is also a first time caller a lead. But for our clients, that could have been a spam caller, or a person from a different state who was otherwise not qualified. Now we’re giving them the power to put that data tracking in their hands and quantify for us how they want to define a lead, which gives us the ability to have even more accurate reporting with our clients, which they value a lot, and to align ourselves around what truly defines success for their business.”

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In addition, the Coalmarch team has leveraged CTM’s open API in order to integrate with common customer management systems used by their customers, including two of the most common CRMs in the pest industry, PestPac and PestRoutes. This has allowed their team to connect source data for all of their calls and track which of those calls turn into leads for their business, and which of those calls turn into sales, and what the annual dollar amount for that sale is. Nein added, “We’re able to use CTM’s integration with their CRM to track ROI for every marketing dollar our clients spend to make sure that they’re making the right marketing decisions and seeing a true ROI for everything that they spend—which is the first time most of these companies have had visibility into that type of data.”

Ensuring Business Continuity

When the coronavirus pandemic hit and businesses across the country were impacted with the need to suddenly transition to remote work, Coalmarch was positioned to leverage CTM’s cloud-based platform to ease this transition for their clients.

“The first thing we did was reach out to our customers and check in on how they were doing, if they needed help, and how we might be of assistance in helping their employees adapt to managing phone calls and communications from home,” shared Nein. “Triangle Pest Control went remote very quickly, with their entire sales team able to move to working from home without hiccups. Another company, Fahey Pest & Lawn Solutions, was also able to transition to being completely remote—acknowledging that this wouldn’t have been possible if they didn’t already have CTM’s system in place to manage and route their calls through the softphone.”

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“We had also already been in conversation with one company about doing an install of CTM’s software, which they had pushed back due to the crisis. We reached out to offer help with a virtual install so their team could start working from home. While they first attempted to figure out how to leverage their current phone system, they ultimately couldn’t get it set up to allow their team to manage calls remotely. As soon as we were able to do the CTM install, their team was fully remote and operating as usual that same day.”

While the entire Coalmarch team has been working remotely during the pandemic, Majeski has already been working from home for 2.5 years, and counts the CTM platform as a huge benefit for her day-to-day remote life use. Looking ahead, she’s eager to begin leveraging CTM’s internal chat and intercom to be able to interact with other agents and clients without needing to leave the CTM platform. CTM will be on hand to support this effort and other opportunities to grow their client’s businesses in the years to come.

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