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7 Tips to Set Your Remote Sales Team Up for Success

by CallTrackingMetrics

In today’s ultra-competitive landscape, sales teams are finding it increasingly difficult to garner the attention of prospects and close deals—even if they had already been in the pipeline and seemed like a sure thing. Likewise, if you have a remote sales team, in-office team, and field team, it can be a lot to transition over your calls to make sure they’re still getting to the right person or team. Marketing automation tools can help streamline processes so your remote teams and in-person teams save time and do more with less. 

84% of businesses say their industry has gotten more competitive in the last year. 

Marketing automation tools, many powered by artificial intelligence (AI), like conversation analytics and virtual agents, make it easy to keep teams aligned and in the know, no matter where they’re working. What’s more, customers have a better experience when teams are aligned and communication is consistent. 

CallTrackingMetrics customers have been doing this using our remote-friendly conversation tools since before hybrid and remote work became the norm. These tools enable teams to connect with customers and each other seamlessly, whether they’re in the office at a desktop or in the field on their cell phones. This support through these automated tools, set your remote sales team, field team, and entire organization up for success. 

Our Sales Engineer Jason Smith spoke on a webinar and shared the following tips for remote sales team success. 

7 Tools to Support Your Remote Sales Team

Our team here at CallTrackingMetrics uses our own software to track and facilitate sales calls, and we maintain continuity, no matter where team members are working, thanks to the remote-friendly nature of our softphone, mobile app, and overall platform. All you really need to manage your communications is a computer and a headset or a cell phone. 

Man on phone in home office with laptop open at a desk using remote sales team tools.




Explore our dedicated remote support resources here.

In the meantime, here are some of the features that can be most helpful for aligning and supporting your remote sales team an including:

1. Real-Time Agent Dashboard

As a manager, you want to know that your team has what they need to succeed and are able to maintain performance even remotely. The real-time agent dashboard allows you to view availability for your agents as well as keep track of productivity. The actity log is also a place to quickly scan and see what calls your team is participating in.

2. Live Listening Tools

Help support your agents and empower them to deliver better results by listening to their conversations in real-time, and providing active coaching with our barge feature.

3. Keyword Spotting

Gain deeper insights into the content and quality of your conversations using our keyword spotting tool, which will automatically detect when certain words or phrases are spoken in conversation. You can also apply automated actions to this so you get notified whenever a word is spoken, such as if a customer mentions “cancel” on a call.

4. Smart Dialers

Expand and automate your outreach by uploading a segment of your clients and having your team automatically make outbound calls to customers or prospects with information, webinar events, or offers. This will streamline processes for your team and make the overall experience more efficient.

5. Mobile App

Have access to all of the same tools whether your agents are in the office or in the field working with customers. Our mobile app lets remote sales teams stay in touch with customers and their in-office teams no matter where they are. 

6. FormReactor®

Automate follow-up actions like text messages or emails as soon as a customer completes a form with CTM’s FormReactor. Remote sales team members can use FormReactor too.

7. Dual Channel Recording and Transcriptions 

Record not just what your customers are saying but what your remote sales team is saying too with dual channel recordings. Automatically set calls up for transcriptions so you can apply other tools like the keyword spotting tool. Additionally, CTM’s transcriptions will transcribe conversations into different languages. An important feature for global organizations. 

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