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Strategies to Set Your Newly Remote Sales Team Up for Success

by CallTrackingMetrics

With global uncertainty around the coronavirus crisis continuing to rise, sales teams are finding it increasingly difficult to garner the attention of prospects and close deals—even if they had already been in the pipeline and seemed like a sure thing. Likewise, if your sales team is moving to remote call management for the first time, it can be a lot to transition over your calls to make sure they’re still getting to the right person or team. Fortunately, many CallTrackingMetrics customers have been able to pick up business where they left off using some of our remote-friendly conversation tools. But first, you need to consider how you’ll even approach these conversations right now. Our Sales Engineer Jason Smith spoke on a webinar recently and shared the following tips.

How to Approach Your Sales Strategy During Times of Crisis

The state of the economy and unemployment is daunting right now, and we’re all trying to conserve costs wherever we can. That’s why if you’re tasked with trying to still meet sales goals during this difficult time, it’s important to practice empathy, first and foremost, approaching your prospects with an understanding of the uncertain times we’re all in.

In your outreach, first, ask how they are doing. A simple, “We’re thinking of you and how we might be able to help,” establishes trust and shows you’re not just trying to blast everyone in your pipeline including those who really probably don’t need or want to hear from you right now. Focus instead on customers who still might need what you’re offering. You want to prioritize anyone who has indicated they’re interested in your service, including your existing funnel, companies, and clients that were already being worked as well as recent inbound leads. If you’re already familiar with a lead’s needs or use case, follow up with specifics such as, “I know we’d previously discussed your lawn care needs, and I’m happy to report that we are still able to provide this service from a safety standpoint and won’t need any direct contact or access to your home.”

Another approach is to re-engage past customers or lost opportunities. Maybe someone was on the fence in the past and couldn’t justify certain things that are now actually quite relevant to them, or perhaps you just needed a deeper understanding of why they said “no,” or a past customer canceled. This might be a chance to win them over with the right follow-through and approach if the fit is still there or if you now offer something they were looking for previously.

Tools to Support Your Remote Sales Team

Our team here at CallTrackingMetrics uses our own software to track and facilitate sales calls, and we’ve been able to maintain continuity thanks to the remote-friendly nature of our softphone and overall platform. All you really need to manage your communications is a computer and a headset (learn more about the softphone here).

Some steps to focus on when transitioning to remote work are:

  1. Get set up on the softphone to manage calls, texts, and chats from your computer.
  2. Or, adjust your call routing settings to route to cell phones instead of office DIDs.
  3. Create remote-friendly call queues where you customize how you want your calls to be routed to different people or teams.
  4. Explore opportunities to amplify your messaging and outreach by adopting new communication channels, such as bulk text messaging.

Explore our dedicated remote support resources here. Here are some of the features that can be most helpful to you right now, including some of the following:

Real-Time Agent Dashboard

As a manager, you want to know that your team has what they need to succeed and are able to maintain performance even remotely. The real-time agent dashboard allows you to view availability for your agents as well as keep track of productivity. The activity log is also a place to quickly scan and see what calls your team is participating in.

Live Listening Tools

Help support your agents and empower them to deliver better results by listening to their conversations in real-time, and providing active coaching with our barge feature.

Keyword Spotting

Gain deeper insights into the content and quality of your conversations using our keyword spotting tool, which will automatically detect when certain words or phrases are spoken in conversation. You can also apply automated actions to this so you get notified whenever a word is spoken, such as if a customer mentions “cancel” on a call.

Smart Dialers

Expand and automate your outreach by uploading a segment of your clients and having your team automatically make outbound calls to customers or prospects with information, webinar events, or offers. This will streamline processes for your team and make the overall experience more efficient.

It’s a tricky time to do business right now and we’re here to help however we can! Feel free to contact our team with questions, explore our support resources, or request a demo if you’re interested in learning more about ways we can support your unique business needs.