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How Call Tracking Data Helps Solve Sales-Marketing Misalignment

Download our guide, developed alongside MarketingDive, to discover how call tracking helps to improve marketing and sales alignment.
by Chris Todd
Marketing, Strategy, Lead Management
Integrate Call Tracking Data Into Your CRM and Engage Your Buyer’s Journey
CRMs and call tracking software work together to multiply the value you can extract from each of your customer engagements, over the phone or online.
by Chris Todd
Sales & Service, Team Performance
Sales Enablement Tools and Marketing Automation
AI-powered sales enablement tools like conversation analytics and AskAI help teams close more deals and maximize time and money.
by Barb Cronin
Analytics, Team Performance
How to use ChatGPT for Marketing and Sales
AI is rapidly becoming more accessible. Get some inspiration on how to use ChatGPT for marketing, sales, or for personal productivity.
by Chris Todd
Sales & Service, Communications
Virtual Agents: 7 Ways to Improve Productivity and Efficiency
Technology plays a crucial role in helping companies to streamline processes and provide a better, more personalized customer experience. Organizations…
by Barb Cronin
Sales & Service, Communications
A2P 10DLC and Business Text Messages
A2P 10DLC regulations mean better deliverability for organizations and less spam for consumers. A win-win for all.
by Barb Cronin
What is Digital Empathy?
Marketers are talking more about digital empathy today than ever before. And with good reason; the increase in online interactions–for…
by Barb Cronin
Team Performance
5 Ways to Improve Call Center Agent Performance
Ensure that your call center is focusing on the set of tools best able to boost performance and keep your calls running smoothly. Check out this list of the five best software features you can adopt for better agent performance.
by CallTrackingMetrics
Communications, Case Studies
Finding Business Success with CTM’s Text Messaging Software
Michael Barnett never planned on starting a white label business on CTM's software. A year later, it's one of his fastest-growing companies. Its best-selling feature? Text messaging.
by CallTrackingMetrics
Communications, Video
[Video] Using Text Messaging to Boost Revenue, Engagement, and Satisfaction | Launchpad Summit 2021
During the second annual CTM Launchpad Summit conference, Ken Sylvain and Michael Barnett co-presented on the value of text messaging…
by Frances Miller