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How Call Tracking Data Helps Solve Sales-Marketing Misalignment

Download our guide, developed alongside MarketingDive, to discover how call tracking helps to improve marketing and sales alignment.
by Chris Todd
What is Digital Empathy?
Marketers are talking more about digital empathy today than ever before. And with good reason; the increase in online interactions–for…
by Barb Cronin
Team Performance
5 Best Features for Improving Call Center Agent Performance
Ensure that your call center is focusing on the set of tools best able to boost performance and keep your calls running smoothly. Check out this list of the five best software features you can adopt for better agent performance.
by CallTrackingMetrics
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Finding Business Success with CTM’s Text Messaging Software
Michael Barnett never planned on starting a white label business on CTM's software. A year later, it's one of his fastest-growing companies. Its best-selling feature? Text messaging.
by CallTrackingMetrics
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[Video] Using Text Messaging to Boost Revenue, Engagement, and Satisfaction | Launchpad Summit 2021
During the second annual CTM Launchpad Summit conference, Ken Sylvain and Michael Barnett co-presented on the value of text messaging…
by Frances Miller
How to Get a Memorable Number for Texting Customers
Explore the benefits of short codes versus vanity numbers and how you can start using them today for text messaging.
by CallTrackingMetrics
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Why Lead and Conversion Scoring Can Add Value for Any Role
From traditional lead scoring to call scores and contextual tagging, discover why moving away from vanity metrics can help you optimize your customer journey across your organization.
by Chris Todd
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The Secret to Scoring for Sales and Marketing Success
Explore how and why lead and conversion scoring can make an impact across your organization, for any team and role.
by Chris Todd
What You Need to Know About STIR/SHAKEN
For many Americans, it’s not uncommon to receive a few—or more—phone calls a day from numbers you don’t recognize, which more often than not turn out to be spam. But with new regulations soon to be implemented by the FCC, this may change. Read on to learn more about the call authentication method known as STIR/SHAKEN and how it may impact the call tracking industry in the coming months.
by CallTrackingMetrics
Lead Management
9 Call Center Metrics and KPIs That You Should Follow
Track these 9 call center KPIs in order to understand call volumes and customer satisfaction as well as boost your service quality.
by CallTrackingMetrics