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How to Source Hold Music
There are several online sources you can use that make it easy to browse, license, and download audio files for hold music.
by Frances Miller
Analytics, Lead Management
What is Conversation Intelligence?
And why it matters for maximum sales.
by CallTrackingMetrics
Lead Management
Is Your Call Center Ready for the Holidays?
Our comprehensive workflow tools can help you handle staffing challenges, keep customers happy, and glide through the holidays with ease.
by CallTrackingMetrics
Lead Management
Your Black Friday Game Plan: 13 Tips to Drive E-Commerce Sales This Season
Prepare your team for the official start of the holiday sales season using our helpful guide.
by CallTrackingMetrics
Team Performance
Ask an Expert: How We Prepare Our Support Team to Handle Live Chat
Our Director of Customer Support shares his suggestions on how to train team members to adapt to using live chat.
by CallTrackingMetrics
Team Performance, Communications
The Human Element: Implementing Personalized Communication
Explore ways to personalize your automated communications so they still sound like a human being, rather than a computer.
by CallTrackingMetrics
Attribution, Communications
Convert Leads More Quickly: Why FormReactor is a Digital Marketer’s Secret Weapon
Start tracking and automating instant communications with your customers through our native online form tool FormReactor.
by CallTrackingMetrics
Lead Management
IVR Menu: 5 Benefits Your Customers Will Love
Press one to hear our hours of operation. Press two for our address and location. Press three if you know…
by CallTrackingMetrics
Team Performance, Lead Management
Scaling Your Call Center with Confidence: 3 Best Practices for Managing Remote Agents
Discover new ways to manage remote agents to ensure they support your business and your customers as effectively as possible.
by CallTrackingMetrics