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Our Team’s Must Haves for Working from Home
Let's talk about what's helped our team stay sane and productive while practicing social distancing.
by CallTrackingMetrics
Lead Management
4 CTM Tools to Make Remote Work Easier During the Coronavirus Outbreak
Explore the remote-friendly tools CTM offers to answer and manage your calls from anywhere.
by CallTrackingMetrics
Why You Should Adopt an Omnichannel Communications Strategy
Empower customers to contact you across different methods seamlessly by adopting an effective omnichannel communications strategy.
by CallTrackingMetrics
Team Performance, Communications
11 Phrases to Calm Down an Angry Customer
With the right approach, you may be able to shift the conversation and turn an angry customer into a loyal one.
by CallTrackingMetrics
Attribution, Lead Management, Video
Watch: How to Use Call Tracking to Deliver Marketing and Sales Value
Accurately report on conversions and optimize for lead quality versus volume.
by CallTrackingMetrics
Lead Management, CTM Culture
How CTM Uses CTM: The Smart Router
We chatted with our industry-leading support team to discover how we set up our own smart router to manage inbound calls from customers.
by CallTrackingMetrics
Lead Management, Communications
How to Source Hold Music
There are several online sources you can use that make it easy to browse, license, and download audio files for hold music.
by Frances Miller
Analytics, Lead Management
What is Conversation Intelligence?
And why it matters for maximum sales.
by CallTrackingMetrics
Lead Management
Is Your Call Center Ready for the Holidays?
Our comprehensive workflow tools can help you handle staffing challenges, keep customers happy, and glide through the holidays with ease.
by CallTrackingMetrics