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Watch: How to Use Call Tracking to Deliver Marketing and Sales Value

by CallTrackingMetrics

In this webinar, our friends at Four15 Digital join us to discuss how their agency uses call tracking for their clients to accurately report on conversions and optimize for lead quality versus volume.

Stephen Edmondson, Director of Client Services for Four15 Digital, shares the primary benefits call tracking provides for his agency, as well as a few success stories the agency has had for clients using CallTrackingMetrics. We also address some of the essential features CallTrackingMetrics provides to level up your marketing, sales, and support efforts and deliver value across your organization. Watch to the end for a Q&A including product capabilities and features like short codes, outbound dialing, and keyword spotting.

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Using CallTrackingMetrics, Four15 Digital found an inexpensive and effective way to:

  • Show the real value of paid search as a channel for one client’s business, by identifying that 57% of all leads from SEM campaigns were coming from calls
  • Identify opportunities to improve the existing user experience by phone
  • Identify and track lead quality from phone calls

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