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How CTM Clients are Successfully Navigating COVID-19

by Holly Mallos

CallTrackingMetrics helps clients from all over the world, and across a wide variety of industries. They range from digital agencies, to law firms, to home services, to healthcare, just to name a few. And although their business objectives and value propositions may be uniquely different, right now they all have one thing in common—they’re all facing the uncertainty of what COVID-19 means for their business. Our Director of Customer Success, Jeremy Wingate, recently highlighted how a few of our clients are successfully navigating changes with their business and their staff, through this unforeseen pandemic, and here’s just a couple examples to inspire you.


Coalmarch is the leading provider of digital marketing and sales efficiency solutions for the pest and lawn industries. They’ve been helping home service industry leaders get more leads, close more sales, and grow their businesses for over 10 years.

Within the first few days of the pandemic, Coalmarch knew they needed to quickly respond with ways to assist their industry, clients, and employees. They realized in order to do this successfully, it was critical to create a centralized hub to communicate how they were personally handling COVID-19 as a partner, and as an organization. Luckily, their dedicated team was able to quickly implement this hub, and now it serves to ensure consistent messaging, as well as a place to post frequent updates. It also provides resources and suggestions to help stakeholders manage their own staff, marketing, sales, and financials during the pandemic.

Coalmarch is also taking additional measures to make sure they’re connecting with their entire industry and client base. Here are a few examples we believe businesses across all industries can leverage:

  • Tap into multiple channels for communication. Coalmarch not only uses their website and blog, but also email and social channels to communicate updates. Using a multi-channel approach helps them reach their entire client base.
  • Let customers know how to reach you.  Although reminding someone how to get in touch with you seems simple, Coalmarch understands it can be crucial if a customer needs your support or assistance.
  • Create weekly webinars to stay connected. Coalmarch’s new Weekly Webinar Series, “COVID-Proof Your Business,” provides yet another channel to communicate regularly, help customers, and continue to build their brand.
  • Stay positive. In this stressful time, Coalmarch has remained positive, and their messaging consistently reflects this. They’ve even integrated some fun along the way by doing things like sharing photos of pets from the home office on Twitter, hosting a remote sock fashion show, and even playing Office Bingo and MadLibs with their remote employees.

ROI Revolution

ROI Revolution is a digital marketing e-commerce agency focused on PPC, Social Media, SEO, CRO, and Amazon advertising for retailers and lead generation in B2B and B2C.

When COVID-19 became more prevalent, like many of us, ROI Revolution was faced with the question of if and when to have their staff go remote. ROI’s leadership team quickly decided they needed to think of the safety of their employees and went to an entirely remote workforce. Luckily, they had a talented IT team to help smooth the transition, and they also had communication tools in place like Google Hangouts and Zoom to keep the team connected, engaged, and focused.

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Once their remote team was up and running, they were immediately focused on what was really important—how to support their clients. As an agency, most of ROI’s focus is on helping clients build their brands, yet the team wanted to explore other ways they could assist their clients and make an immediate impact during this critical time. Adopting some of CTM’s contact center functionality, ROI is planning to offer clients remote workforce tools like our softphone, call management capabilities, internal chat, and live chat. This offering allows them to open up a whole new revenue channel they can offer to other clients in the future.

The ROI Revolution team has also created a centralized content page where they’re providing updates on the impact of coronavirus on e-commerce as they come in, which helps establish them as a thought leader in the space and a trusted resource to turn to for timely industry news. They’ve also held roundtables with their team to discuss the impact with clients live.

At CTM, we’re happy to know we’ve been able to help so many businesses maintain continuity and communications with their employees and customers through our platform. Clients like LDR Site Services (a nationwide managed site services company), actually told us that when COVID-19 hit, it was as simple as logging off of CTM at the office, and then logging back in when they got home. Of course we understand not all transitions will be this seamless, but clients like Coalmarch and ROI remind us that implementing a few small things can make a huge difference. Here are a few reminders of what you can do to help keep your business, your customers, and your team stay on track and moving forward:

  • Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. There is no such thing as over-communicating during this time.
  • Centralize your information, but disperse it through different channels to reach your audience.
  • Keep employees and customers connected and engaged. This is especially important while being remote. And remember to have some fun! Here are a few ideas we use at CTM to keep employees engaged.
  • Stay positive and focused on how you can help your clients and your team. We will all get through this together and come out even stronger.

As the Persian adage says, “This too shall pass.” We’re confident with the right communication tools and partnerships in place, we will ultimately emerge with businesses that are stronger than ever.