Don’t Let Your Traditional Phone System Get in the Way

Customizable softphones offer a flexible, modern solution for business communication

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What is a Softphone? 

A Phone Powered by the Flexibility of the Internet

Softphones aren’t hardware. There’s nothing to hold, upgrade, or pay extra for—it’s just software that enables voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone calls. You can make calls from your laptop, desktop, or any device connected to the internet. It’s software that can be customized for the needs of your organization and the teams using them. 

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Cost Savings

Grow your team without growing your office expenses.

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Built-in Upgrades

There’s no new model to buy, it’s always the latest and greatest.

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Quick Set Up

Get up and running with just a headset and internet connection.

Added Conversation Context, Built In

Know where your calls are coming from, customize the conversation, and update data in real-time without an additional cost. Access to the CallTrackingMetrics softphone is included for free on the Sales Engage plan, along with unlimited users.

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Actionable Insights as Your Conversations Happen

Optimize your time on the phone like you optimize your campaigns. Make performance enhancing decisions through real-time metrics, live listening and coaching, and automated voice analysis. Score your conversations to align marketing and sales around your ideal leads.

Your Phone and Your Contacts Combined

Powerful by itself, when embedded directly inside your Salesforce account, the CTM softphone transcends to a whole new level. Create leads and activities automatically, and make follow-up calls to your leads without ever leaving Salesforce.

Discover Why CallTrackingMetrics is the Best Softphone System to Power Your Team