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Why this Agency Turns Down Clients Who Don’t Want to Use Call Tracking

by Erika Rollins
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Digital Reach: How the Data from CallTrackingMetrics Impacts Marketing and Sales

By: Ben Childs

Call Tracking for Inbound Marketing:

When I started Digital Reach as a PPC management firm in 2011, I knew call tracking was going to be an essential part of my business. After working at an agency that didn’t offer a call tracking solution, I knew that a great call tracking service solves major pain points for both the client and the agency.

The first point is obvious – for agencies, call tracking lets them track which campaigns and keywords are leading to calls and then use the data to further optimize the account. For the clients (many of which are small businesses that rely on phone calls), it helps them sleep at night knowing that they’re actually collecting high-value data.

I was able to show my first client, a small scrapbooking store, that spending $400/month on AdWords was a good investment if only due to the amount of phone calls it was generating.

I even began turning down clients that didn’t want to use call tracking. What would we talk about at the end of the month? CallTrackingMetrics helped me increase the ROI of clients’ marketing channels in a way that was concrete, simultaneously helping the client make money and justifying my services.

I’ve done it all with CallTrackingMetrics. Whether completing a complex implementation for a company with 200 numbers, listening to a small client’s calls make sure they sound good, or giving feedback in the form of sales coaching to clients that could use it, CallTrackingMetrics has opened a lot of doors both for me and for my clients.

Additional Details:

As we’ve expanded our services across different channels and begun working with larger companies, CallTrackingMetrics (CTM) has allowed us to focus on the marketing channels that work, and continually justify our services by showing month-over-month improvement.

I still come across agencies and advertisers that aren’t tracking phone calls and I recommend CTM every time. It’s easy to use and flexible for whatever you want. Give CTM a try – you won’t regret it.

About Digital Reach:

Ben Childs is the President of Digital Reach, a full-service inbound marketing firm with a focus on tracking B2B leads all the way down the funnel to closed-won business. Digital Reach specializes in SEM, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization and Web Development for B2B companies interested in increasing revenue, not just leads.