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How to Improve CX with ChatAI: The Next Step in Personalized Automation

by CallTrackingMetrics

If you’re ready to take your customer experience (CX) to the next level while lowering your operating costs, ChatAI is here to help. CTM’s latest feature extension streamlines customer interactions and provides personalized support— directly improving your organization’s operational efficiency and goals.

And who doesn’t need improved operational efficiency? 

ChatAI is an AI-powered chatbot feature released in August of this year. It builds on our AskAI feature (released in May of this year) to bring you more customer insights and sales opportunities by communicating with leads and customers. The resources, information, and tone it provides during a conversation are directly based on your company’s brand and resources.  

“It’s the next evolution of CTM’s AI capabilities,” says Jason Smith, a senior sales engineer at CTM. 

With ChatAI, your business can provide personalized, round-the-clock support to customers via a chat widget. By answering basic questions, finding company resources like help articles and blogs, and handling the initial steps of a conversion conversation, ChatAI helps drive an exceptional customer experience capable of raising both your brand score and your bottom line.

But What About My Human Agents?

ChatAI isn’t here to replace any live agents.  Instead, it’s designed to help automate those routine steps customers often take before they’re ready to talk to a live agent or buy a product. It serves primarily as an automation tool that lets you nurture customers and prospects until they’re ready to talk to a live agent or their issue has been successfully resolved. Today, virtual agents and similar AI-powered tools help organizations surpass revenue goals and nurture loyal, happy customers.  

In addition to a customer service tool used for automation, ChatAI can be used by both sales and customer service teams to field inquiries, schedule appointments, and troubleshoot basic issues.  It’s also designed to share relevant, helpful resources. These AI-powered tools enable businesses to support their CX efforts with personalized, 24/7 customer service.

24/7 with a chatbot image nearby

And the best news? They get better over time. 

Personalization, Automation, and So Much More!

As ChatAI continues to learn over time, personalized conversations and communications grow too. But ChatAI does more than just support your CX efforts – it can help your entire organization. 

When asked what he sees as the biggest benefit of adding a chatbot function to your company’s website, Smith feels the after-hours customer support could be a game-changer for a lot of companies. 

“I  think the biggest benefit is the opportunity it presents companies to be able to field after-hour inquiries and first-level support inquiries. Not only that, but ChatAI can automate some lead intake with website visitors without having a live person do every interaction.”

Jason Smith, Senior Sales Engineer at CTM

So, what are some of the other top benefits of ChatAI? 

  • Easily scalable 
  • Effectively boosts cost efficiency
  • You get full attribution data on your chats right alongside your other channels
  • Automatically shares data with Google, CRMs, and other tools
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • Streamlined transfer to live agent when/if ready 
  • Supports various multi-media types like images, links, etc

What’s more, ChatAI takes in and learns from only the information you choose so the conversations are consistent and consistently on-brand. For example, ChatAI can crawl your website and effectively answer numerous inquiries with answers found across your help articles, landing pages, and documentation. 

This kind of AI-powered chat experience helps guarantee that your prospects and customers walk away with a positive experience after receiving consistent, branded information throughout their interaction. A unified communication strategy is wildly helpful in growing your business and improving your customers’ experience – ChatAI and AskAI are just the beginning of these tools for CallTrackingMetrics. 

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