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Feed your Pipedrive new leads and contacts with CTM data

Send data and web analytics from your CTM account to your Pipedrive dashboard

Create and track new leads, contacts, and custom objects.

What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is an industry-favorite, all-in-one CRM designed to boost lead tracking, follow-up, and sales closure. It’s used by over 95,000 companies worldwide to streamline their sales journeys with better scheduling and lead tracking, thereby preventing missed sales opportunities. 

How does the Pipedrive + CTM integration benefit my business?

CallTrackingMetrics’ integration with Pipedrive will help you keep close track of potential customers, follow up in a timely manner, and move those leads through the sales funnel. On average, Pipedrive users close 28% more deals within one year of adoption. By combining this effective CRM with CTM’s call tracking software, you can expect even better results.

How does the Pipedrive + CTM integration work? 

When you track calls, chats, forms, and text messages from your CTM account, these numbers will automatically feed into your Pipedrive as leads, contacts, or custom objects. From there, sales agents can easily track and follow up with these leads and customers on their individual journeys.

Leverage your Pipedrive integration to complete more sales by:

  • Connecting your CTM data from calls, chats, forms, texts, and web analytics to your Pipedrive account
  • Setting customized triggers that help filter, funnel, and log call-ins
  • Reviewing the logged calls now in your Pipedrive account
  • Determining which leads require tracking, follow-up, or removal
  • Following up on relevant, qualified leads 

By integrating Pipedrive’s capabilities with CTM’s powerful call tracking, data collection, and analytics, you’ll quickly access more qualified leads and increase sales. 

Our Pipedrive integration is available on our Growth and Connect plans.