Enhance Your Marketing with Google and CallTrackingMetrics 

Our integrations across the entire Google ecosystem give you the data you need to confidently make marketing decisions, drive higher-value leads, and increase revenue.

Full Visibility into Everything Google

You rely on Google for so much of your marketing, so we’ve built our call tracking solution with a focus on amplifying those tools. Through our dynamic number insertion (DNI) technology you’ll be able to monitor site visitor conversions driven not only by your Google Ads but by your organic and local SEO efforts too. And, with our premium Google integrations, you can easily customize and automate your optimization strategy.

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Data to Connect Your Efforts to Every Stage of the Funnel

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The Full Picture to Make Confident Budgeting Decisions

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Reporting to Finally Prove ROI and Let Your Data Tell the Story

Go Further with Google Analytics 

Fuel Data-backed Strategies with CTM and Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a core tool for most marketers and a treasure trove of data, but one that’s limited to only the actions taken on your website.  CTM’s Google Analytics integration connects offline events with your website data for deeper customer journey insights.

Our integration with Google Analytics lets you:

  • Send custom events to Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4 (GA4) properties
  • Connect website session data to offline activities like phone calls and texts
  • Paint a full picture of site and landing page conversion rates
  • Sync custom conversions defined in CallTrackingMetrics with Google Ads


Get More from Google My Business

Unlock more than your basic Google My Business analytics. Accurately measure your conversations from local SEO efforts. Use tracking numbers, with no negative SEO impact, to analyze conversations from your business listing or DNI for website visitors coming from GMB.

Powerful Dashboards with Google’s Looker Studio

Report on more than vanity metrics with CallTrackingMetrics’ Google Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) integration. Consolidate your traditional website analytics with enhanced offline conversion data to visualize the whole story of your marketing efforts, from lead to sale.

Never Miss a Lead from Google

Google’s lead form extensions make it easy for your audience to connect with you. CallTrackingMetrics makes it easy to turn those leads into customers. View lead submissions in real-time and use our lead management tools to instantly follow up and drive conversions.

Google and CTM: We’ve Got You Covered

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