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Create a seamless flow of data between CallTrackingMetrics and Google Analytics

Connect your offline conversions with your site analytics for a full view of your marketing performance

How does the Google Analytics + CTM integration benefit my business?

Marketers rely on Google Analytics for accurate reporting to make decisions big and small for their team and business. It’s a robust tool, but by itself, it’s limited in scope to only your site activity. CallTrackingMetrics allows you to complete the full picture of your marketing efforts by connecting offline activities to the online sessions that drove them. With this information strategists and ad platforms can more confidently make data-backed decisions.

Events in both Universal Analytics (GA3) and Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

With integrations for both legacy and future-forward Google Analytics properties, view your lead and conversion data right in Google Analytics to analyze them in conjunction with your website activity. CallTrackingMetrics includes default settings to send all inbound calls into Google Analytics as events for easy implementation. Do you only want to send some of your calls into GA? No problem. We can send events based on flexible conditions to only send the calls and conversions that make the most sense for your analysis.

With our GA4 integration, gain even more flexibility through custom parameters. Define your ideal event, attach any available data from CallTrackingMetrics as a parameter, and send the whole data set to your GA4 data stream for analysis. For our agency and multi-location customers, GA4 events can easily be assigned to multiple sub-accounts to standardize and effectively deploy across all of your Google Analytics properties.

Our Google Analytics integration is available on all CallTrackingMetrics plans.

Inform your Google Ads Campaigns

While advanced marketers receive more flexibility and features with our dedicated integration for Google Ads, our customers can also use our Google Analytics integration to sync goals and conversions to Ads. Create Universal Analytics goals or GA4 conversions from our customized events and sync those into your Google Ads accounts to inform your smart bidding campaigns. Analyze your data in Google Analytics and make an immediate impact with Ads.

If you’re interested in getting 1-on-1 professional guidance in integrating your Google tools with CTM, consider taking advantage of our Professional Services’ Google Tools Boost Pack, available on Marketing Pro and Sales Engage plans.