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Send Appointment Reminders with CallTrackingMetrics

by CallTrackingMetrics

Intelligent automation of everyday actions

We’ve all been hearing the phrase “Artificial Intelligence,” also known as AI, a lot lately. The term implies a truly independent artificial mind that’s capable of making decisions and taking action for itself. Technology hasn’t quite caught up to that yet, but we’re getting closer every year with the increase of automation.

Our development team has been working tirelessly to build more tools that help automate the actions our customers take every day. One of these tools are “triggers“, which can be used to automatically take your call, text or form-fill data and use it to create workflows, such as applying a tag to text message, or setting a dollar value for a call.

“Triggers, combined with the custom fields you build into your CTM account, can now be used to send automated appointment reminders to your contacts!”

If you created a custom field named “Appointment Date,” for example, you could then use triggers to send a text message to your client a custom number of days prior to ‘Appointment Date.’ Even if your client moved his or her appointment, our system would still send the reminder out within the correct time frame, because the custom field ‘Appointment Date’ would have updated.

“With triggers, custom fields, and dynamic token insertion, you can set up your appointment reminders to be sent out automatically with custom names, dates, and times included.”

Need more help setting up your account’s features and custom fields? Check out our training resources and help articles, or reach out to our support team!